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How to Make Van Houtte Coffee?

Regarding top locations with the best coffee, coffee lovers have preferences, from fast food restaurants like McDonald’s to convenience stores like Circle K and coffee houses. However, this article will centre on coffee made from Van Houtte. Suppose you’re a fan of great coffee or a coffee enthusiast, especially in Canada and North America. In that case, chances are you’ve heard of Van Houtte. Read on to learn how to make van Houtte coffee types.

van houtte coffee

About Van Houtte 

Van Houtte is a retail coffee restaurant that’s been around for over a century. Founded by Albert- Louis Van Houtte in 1919 as a specialist grocery store, it’s located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In today’s world, Van Houtte has become an international coffee supplier. Other interests in supply are coffee machines and related supports. Over sixty thousand offices and other employment places in the United States and Canada enjoy their services.

Van Houtte also provides and supports coffee sale services for cafeterias, convenience and grocery stores, hotels and restaurants. Concerning public retail services, there is a chain of cafés throughout Quebec to satisfy customers’ purchase needs. Ontario, Ottawa also has two café locations available to the consumers. An official company website coordinates the online sales of coffee and associated products and services.


Coffee Bean Type and Origin Used At Van Houtte

Van Houtte is known for offering a wide selection to satisfy consumer tastes regarding coffee types. Nevertheless, the company takes pride in using only the finest Arabica coffee beans. The same source for their Arabica coffee beans has been patronised for decades. Some sources have remained the same since Albert-Louis Van Houtte, the founder. A sustained mutual relationship has ensured that there is always a supply of products of the highest quality.

Van Houtte has the service of a Master roaster who takes the liberty of tasting each batch of coffee beans to ensure they meet the company’s quality standards. Upon arrival in Canada, the coffee beans are passed through a series of tests to check their quality and then examined again. As a result of this scrutiny, only the best beans end up in the consumer’s cup.

About twenty-one years ago, a long-lasting collaboration was created between Van Houtte company and the coffee growers of San Luis planes, Honduras. This community, located in the Santa Barbara department, is home to coffee farmers who take pride in their high-quality coffee beans. The presence of volcanic soils and high altitude are ideal conditions for the growth of coffee trees, especially the Arabica variant.

While it may be news to you, according to Bizvibe, Honduras is said to be the largest coffee producer in Central America. The third largest in Latin America and the sixth largest globally by volume. The collaboration between Van Houtte and the Montaña Verde Cooperative is also Fair-trade certified. Through the years, individuals from both parties have travelled back and forth between Canada and Honduras to pay visits, showing a firm partnership.


How to Make a Cup of Van Houtte Coffee

You’ve probably been wondering how to make a cup of Van Houtte coffee. Here’s a procedure courtesy of Van Houtte. 

  • Heat the Thermos

The first thing you need to do is to boil your water. Then pour some into your to-go cup, thermos or vacuum flask. This step aims to make your coffee stay toasty for as long as needed.

  • Use Adequate Coffee Grounds.

The most appropriate strength for an early morning cup of joe would be 2.75 tablespoons of coffee ground per eight-ounce cup.

  • Select the Right Blend 

While personal preference is crucial, you should pick the right blend. A great example is Van Houtte’s chocolate note French roast coffee, which you could always swap out for your usual breakfast blend.

  • Wait for the Proper Water Temperature.

When the water is too hot, the coffee ground’s over-extraction leads to the oversaturation of the coffee with bitter compounds from the beans. The best brewing temp is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Waiting for this appropriate temperature ensures only the best flavours are extracted into your thermos.

  • Warm your Milk

This part is for coffee lovers who fancy a milky topping. Warm your milk beforehand so it blends well with the coffee without affecting the brews’ already attained temperature. Your mixture won’t get cooled by the milk when you do this. Feel free to melt some sugar with the milk in the saucepan to sweeten your coffee.

In the company’s coffee production, Albert-Louis Van Houtte’s expertise remains central to the process. Advanced equipment is used to control each batch’s roasting temperature, cooling period, and humidity. Coffee beans are roasted to the intended flavour, whether light, medium or dark. The lighter roast gives more acidity, while the darker ones offer a stronger bitter taste.


How Good is the Coffee? 

Popularity, years of experience, and a great relationship with the source of coffee beans are all great things to consider when checking out coffee from a restaurant such as Van Houtte. But just how good is the coffee? Van Houtte coffee fans already know the answer to this, but for the sake of potential newer fans, here are some reviews about just how good the coffee is.

Customers have claimed that the melange Maison coffee blend is perfect for any time of the day and that the House blend doesn’t leave a lingering sour finish. If you intend to buy some blends to enjoy at home, keep in mind that the blends combine beans of various origins and flavours to create a unique taste. So check the descriptions to see what kinds you’d prefer to try.



Van Houtte coffee is rated one of the top coffee brands in the United States and Canada. The company sources good beans and ensures they undergo intense examination and scrutiny to bring only the best cups to your tables. The official website is available for coffee lovers to know more about the company. Different blend options are available to purchase from online stores. Be sure to try out some Van Houtte coffee whenever you can.


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