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How Many Calories are in Van Houtte French Vanilla Coffee?

Van Houtte coffee is a famous brand, especially in Quebec, Canada. Sometimes coffee drinkers ponder how many calories their favourite cup of joe offers. A regular cup of coffee has about 0-5 calories depending on the type, while a cup of espresso has nine calories. Regarding coffee kinds moving further away from regular black coffee, the number of calories might be higher. This article will enlighten you on how many calories you’ll gain just by drinking a cup of French vanilla coffee from Van Houtte.

van houtte french vanilla coffee

About Van Houtte French Vanilla Coffee

Van Houtte isn’t just the biggest coffee supplier in North America but also the major selling premium coffee brand in Canada. Regarding the coffee type, french vanilla coffee is rich, luscious and full-bodied. If you’re a fan of it, you’d know about the sweet, creamy smoothness it has. More popularly, this coffee is instead referred to as “French vanilla”, and it’s a popular kind in the United States.

The Van Houtte French Vanilla brew is a smooth and roasted light coffee with hints of honey flavour notes. The coffee is made from a hundred percent infused Arabica beans and uses vanilla syrup, creamer or vanilla extract to flavour coffee. These components are crucial to the flavour of Van Houtte’s french vanilla coffee. While Infusing the vanilla extract, it’s important not to overdo it, so the taste of the coffee itself isn’t overshadowed.


How to Make French Vanilla Coffee.

Making your cup of French vanilla coffee at home is relatively easy. You only need your Van Houtte vanilla coffee K-cup and a Keurig coffee machine. Fill your plastic cup with ice cubes, place your K-cup into the machine, wait for the water to warm, and then fill up the cup. Afterwards, you can add more vanilla cream, milk, or toppings as desired.

If you need to make it from scratch, you’ll need to follow the following procedure.

  • Purchase vanilla-infused coffee beans, grind and then brew either manually or in your coffee maker. Some online stores such as Amazon and Walmart have this particular brand of coffee for sale. The Van Houtte website also offers coffee services.
  • Add a little amount of vanilla extract to the freshly brewed coffee
  • A splash of vanilla syrup on top and then
  • Add some vanilla coffee cream.

You’ll need to ensure the vanilla doesn’t overshadow the coffee flavour. Based on preferences, tweak the mix until you’ve attained your desired taste.


How Many Calories does Van Houtte’s French Vanilla Coffee Have?

A single K-cup serving of Van Houtte French Vanilla Coffee contains zero grams of total carbohydrates, zero grams of fat and protein, four milligrams of sodium, and two calories.

Food That Compliments French Vanilla Coffee

Having just a serving of French vanilla coffee isn’t filling. No matter how delicious the drink is, it doesn’t pack enough calories to serve as an appetizer. Having some food to go with the beverage will increase your calorie intake, satisfy your cravings, or keep your hunger at bay. Here are some foods, snacks or treats to compliment a cup of French vanilla coffee.

  • Coffee Cake

Coffee cake to compliment the coffee drink. The coffee cake comes in varieties, leaving the selection based on preferences at your fingertips. Despite the several types, coffee cakes are made to be enjoyed with a cup of joe. That being said, it’s safe to say that some brownies or sponge cake would also go nicely with your coffee.

  • Doughnut

Unlike the first, this pastry needs no introduction. This is an iconic treat to pair with all types of coffee. This combo of coffee and doughnuts is the popularly signified traditional go-to snack of cops in almost all movies. There are all sorts of doughnuts to satisfy your choices. Plain, sprinkled, glazed, and icings are all great compliments with a cup of Van Houtte french vanilla coffee.

  • Bagel

Bagels are another treat that goes nicely with coffee. Similar to doughnuts in appearance, they can also be eaten plain, with cream cheese, toasted or other toppings. These treats are a great way to enjoy your french vanilla coffee.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are the way to go if you’re thinking of eating light and prefer a smaller snack rather than a treat. Chocolate and coffee have always had a relationship because of their similar taste, leading to a common misconception. Nevertheless, Chocolate and coffee pair well together, dark chocolates especially. Dark chocolates’ slightly bitter flavour compliments French vanilla coffee’s sophisticated taste.

That being said, dark chocolate has better merits over milk or white chocolate. According to the Cleveland clinic, dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa solids which is responsible for the lower sugar levels and high flavonoid content. In addition, the fat levels are also lower and the antioxidants higher when compared to other kinds of chocolates.

  • Scrambled Eggs  

Nothing starts the day better than a breakfast meal. Make seasoned scrambled eggs with your early morning cup of French vanilla coffee. Throw in a couple of toast to complete the eggs and coffee, and you’ll have a complete breakfast to start the day. Instead of some toasts, you can also load the scrambled eggs with some vegetables, sweet corn, carrots and other excellent additions.

  • Berries

Berries most times make a great addition to all sorts of food servings. Whether you eat berries alone with the coffee or add them to any of the other above food, they fit in proper harmony. Blueberries and blackberries are good examples.

Other foods you can compliment your coffee with include hard and grilled cheese, smoked salmon, crepes, peanut butter and banana sandwich, waffles, croissant, toast, shortbread, caramel, cookies and cottage cheese.



Van Houtte french vanilla coffee doesn’t give a lot to sustain one’s daily activities regarding the number of calories. Complimenting your vanilla-flavoured beverage with some treats, pastries or food could spice up your taste buds and offer the required calories needed to fuel your day. Thanks to this article, you know better just how many calories the Van Houtte french vanilla coffee has. Feel free to compliment your drink with any of the treats you’ve read here.