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How to Dispose of Coffee Grounds?

Coffee is not only a caffeinated drink to wake you up, but also used coffee can be used in many ways for daily tasks.

You’ll be shocked after knowing the creative things you can do with the leftover coffee grind.

So instead of throwing them into a dustbin, consider using them in 5 unique ways mentioned below.

disposing coffee grounds.

Helpful Fertilizer

We know coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, acids, and are granular. It makes coffee grounds one of the best home fertilizers for indoor or outdoor plants. There are two simple methods to do this.

You can put coffee grounds on your soil by sprinkling from above or mix with soil by using your hands. Coffee grounds in the soil will enhance water retention and provide your plants with nitrogen so they can grow and thrive healthily.


Face & Body Scrub

You can use coffee grounds to help stimulate your skin cells as coffee grounds have natural antioxidants. It helps skin to get healthier. You can add oils like coconut oil or olive oil with coffee grounds to make a body scrub.

Make the scrub by adding the oil with coffee grounds and mix them until you get a thick paste. Now use it just like any other scrub by massaging it on your body. This scrub will help remove the dead skin cells and will leave you with smooth & refresh skin.

Do the same for your face but be gentle because the facial skin is much sensitive than body skin. This coffee scrub can also help to hydrate your skin and keep away acne.


Healthy Product for Hair

Coffee grounds effects of exfoliation and stimulation can help improve hair health. If you are a regular user of products like hair serums and masks, your hair might have some residue.

You can get rid of this residue by massaging your scalp with pre-used coffee grounds, do this before you shampoo. But be sure to clean your hair and scalp with water once you have massaged thoroughly.

The texture your coffee grounds have helps to clean the residue and give shine and smooth hair. Coffee grounds used to wash hair can also work as a temporary natural hair dye to get dark colors.


Air Deodorizer

Coffee grounds are great to neutralize unwanted smells in your room and give you a sense of smell. It is why they are incredible air deodorants to remove any unwanted smell, like smell from the dustbin.

Throwing in some frozen coffee beans in your dustbin can help a lot to control the bad smell. Also, you can keep a bag full of beans or a bowl inside your refrigerator after cleaning it to keep the fresh smell coming whenever you open the door.

If you want, you can use pre-used coffee grounds in your shoe case or in old storage areas to keep the smell pleasant.


Repellent for Pest & Insects

After you use the coffee grounds, you can turn them into a deterrent for insects. Moist the coffee grounds and fill them in a can or a jar and place some powerful double-sided tape inside the jar/can around the grounds.

Insects like cockroaches will get attracted to the smell and get trapped. You can get creative if you want with these methods.

Coffee grounds could be used as a deterrent to keep pests away from your plants and gardens. Sprinkle some around your garden, and this will work as a wall between your garden and pests like snails.



So now you know how to use pre-used coffee grounds. All of these methods can be used in the daily tasks of the household.

So, instead of throwing away the coffee grounds, you can use them as air deodorant, repellent, scrub, fertilizer, or a hair product. It is surprising how you get so many benefits from one thing.


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