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How Much Does the Most Expensive Coffee Machine Cost?

To be honest, a higher quality coffee machine offers better chances of making tasty coffee. Generally, top-range coffee machines are designed to offer you the ultimate coffee brewing experience. They allow for a smoother brewing process and flavorful coffee. But how much does the most expensive coffee machine cost?

most expensive coffee machine

Probably, you may expect a premium coffee maker to cost about $1,500. Well, there are several coffee machines available at this price. However, some coffee machines cost more than ten times this amount. The most expensive coffee makers promise premium mechanics, top-quality construction materials, ease of use, and speed.

Pricey coffee machines often look dramatic. They are not something you can hide away in your kitchen. Their design is worthy of admiration. You will feel proud to display them on your kitchen countertop for family and friends to admire.


Average Spending on Coffee

Certain things are challenging to put a price on. As for coffee, you can put a price on it. For many coffee lovers, getting a cup of coffee in the morning is non-negotiable. It is estimated that an average American spends about $1,100 on coffee annually. This amount is higher than the average spending on auto insurance. It is close to annual cellular phone bills.

If you buy two cups of coffee at Starbucks daily, you will spend at least $2,000 annually. Fortunately, you can save a lot of money by brewing coffee at home. For instance, brewing coffee at home with an economical coffee pot may cost you under $50 annually. If you are using a Keurig coffee maker, the single-use K-cups may cost you at least $500 annually. If you are using a nifty coffee maker such as the Nespresso, you may spend at least $900 annually.


How Much Does the Most Expensive Coffee Machine Cost?

Although it is economical to brew coffee at home, some coffee makers cost way beyond what an average coffee enthusiast can afford. The most expensive coffee machine available today is the Roasting Plant Javabot. It is an espresso maker used in a high-end café known as the Roasting Plant.

The Javabot displays storage columns holding fresh coffee beans. It does the entire coffee brewing process when you order a cup of coffee. It starts by roasting coffee beans, grinding the beans, and brewing coffee right there. It brews the most stimulating and tasty coffee that any serious coffee lover would want.

If you cannot afford this coffee maker, you can pass by one of their outlets to taste the kind of coffee that a million-dollar coffee maker can brew. The Roasting Plant has installed the Javabot in several locations including Detroit, New York, Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and London.


Is an Expensive Coffee Maker Worth It?

Many people are not likely to spend a million dollars on a coffee maker at home or even in a coffee business. For some people, even a thousand-dollar coffee maker is too expensive for them. But what does expensive mean to you?

If a coffee machine adds value to your coffee brewing and drinking experience, then it is worth the extra cost. Although it is important to consider your budget when choosing a coffee maker, it will pay off to buy a superior quality coffee machine.