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How Much Do College Students Spend On Coffee

Major coffee houses such as Starbucks are always cropping up near university and college campuses. The reason behind this is the increasing popularity of coffee among teenagers, especially college students. Many college students prefer coffee over other beverages for its ability to increase concentration and alertness. Also, it helps burn fat when used as part of weight loss programs. Besides, coffee boosts performance and stamina.

However, excessive consumption of coffee can cause insomnia, especially when drank late in the evening or before bed. Also, it can cause withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop drinking it suddenly. Regardless, those who tolerate it drink it almost daily. So how much do college students spend on coffee? Read on to learn more.

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How Many College Students Consume Coffee?  

Caffeine is loved by college students for its ability to improve alertness, reduce fatigue, and help the brain retain information. Since students are often under high pressure to digest information and remember what they are taught, they resort to drinking coffee to boost their memory.

Research findings published by the National Library of Medicine show that about 92% of college students take caffeine. Another research shows that at least 50% of students drink caffeinated beverages daily. Among these beverages, coffee is the most popular, with 74% of students drinking coffee in the morning.

One way through which coffee works is by increasing blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, you feel more alert and awake as it stimulates your brain. If you are a college student who drinks coffee every morning, you will find it hard to concentrate without a cup of morning coffee. College students report that drinking coffee first thing in the morning fuels their brains for more alertness in class.

The availability of coffee to college students also increases its consumption among them. Many coffee shops are available near colleges. Also, many college campuses have coffee shops within, making coffee easily accessible to students.

Coffee shops on campuses serve as meeting places for students. They often offer free Internet, which attracts more students for social interaction and studying online. Research shows that 26% of college students study in a coffee shop at least once every week. When they visit coffee shops for interaction or studying, they are more likely to buy coffee.


How Much Do College Students Spend On Coffee?

Drinking coffee is like a daily ritual for many college students, especially before going to lectures and during breaks. The average college student drinks at least 2 cups of coffee daily. Increased coffee intake is experienced during the exam period and towards coursework deadlines.

The average college student buys coffee from the nearest coffee chain such as Dunkin’ or Starbucks. On average, college students spend approximately $93 a month on coffee. A small number of college students who exclusively make their own coffee spend about $7 a month on average. However, only about 30% of college students brew their own coffee instead of buying it from coffee shops.


Is Coffee a Good Beverage for College Students?

Most health experts agree that drinking up to 4 cups of coffee daily does not pose any health threats. However, research shows that 83% of college students who consume coffee regularly experience at least one caffeine withdrawal symptom.

While many coffee lovers deny or ignore the addictive effects of caffeine, multiple studies conclude that coffee is addictive. Thus, college students should drink a maximum of 400mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to about 4 standard cups of coffee.

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Does Coffee Help in Studying?

It depends on how your body responds to coffee and the amount you consume. Coffee affects every person differently. Some people require just 1 cup of coffee to stay focused while others may require a lot more. However, excessive consumption of coffee can lead to sleep deprivation and affect your overall health.

If coffee is helping you stay more focused as a college student, then enjoy drinking it. However, if your body is not tolerating caffeine, consider replacing coffee with another drink. Also, avoid drinking coffee at least 6 hours before sleeping. That means you should avoid drinking coffee in the evening and at night unless it is extremely necessary.



Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages in the world. It is especially loved by college students for its ability to reduce fatigue and enhance alertness. Its popularity among college students has prompted a good number of coffee chains to open coffee shops near and within college campuses. But how much do college students spend on coffee? An average college student spends about $93 per month on coffee.