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How Do You Make Piccolo Coffee with Breville?

The Piccolo, an espresso-based drink that hails from Australia, is a favorite among coffee connoisseurs due to its harmonious balance of strong espresso and silky steamed milk. But how do you make Piccolo coffee with Breville? The process involves brewing a ristretto shot of espresso and then adding steamed and frothed milk.

Make Piccolo Coffee

Section 1: The Piccolo Coffee Recipe with Breville


– Freshly ground espresso beans

– Cold, fresh milk


– Breville espresso machine

– Milk frother or steam wand

– An espresso cup or small latte glass (around 3-4 oz)


  1. Prepare a ristretto shot: This is a short shot of espresso, typically 15-20 ml. It should be more concentrated and sweeter than a full shot of espresso. Using your Breville machine, brew the ristretto directly into your espresso cup or latte glass.
  2. Steam the milk: Fill your milk jug with the right amount of cold milk (roughly the same volume as your ristretto shot). Using your Breville’s steam wand, steam the milk to around 60-65 degrees Celsius. Aim for a microfoam texture – smooth and glossy with tiny bubbles.
  3. Pour the milk: Gently pour the steamed milk into your cup with the ristretto shot. The resulting coffee should have a significant amount of coffee crema on top, and the milk should mix well with the coffee, rather than forming distinct layers.
  4. Serve immediately and enjoy your Breville-made Piccolo!

Section 2: Perfecting Your Piccolo with Breville

The Breville espresso machine’s precise controls and efficient steam wand make it ideal for crafting a Piccolo coffee. However, like any coffee recipe, the quality of your ingredients and your technique will significantly influence the final result. Using fresh, high-quality espresso beans and practicing your milk steaming and pouring skills will help you achieve a Piccolo that’s both delicious and beautifully presented.

Section 3: Additional Tips

– Experiment with different types of milk to alter the taste and texture. Each type of milk (full fat, low fat, dairy-free alternatives) will froth differently and contribute a unique flavor.

– Keep your Breville machine clean and well-maintained to ensure optimal brewing performance.

Section 4: Engage With Us!

Have you tried making a Piccolo coffee with your Breville machine? What are your top tips for achieving the perfect balance of espresso and milk? We’d love to hear about your experiences!


Making a Piccolo coffee with a Breville machine is a simple process that yields a flavorful and well-balanced coffee drink. With practice and a focus on quality ingredients, you can master the art of Piccolo coffee making at home. Enjoy your coffee crafting journey!