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How to Make Piccolo Coffee

Piccolo coffee, popularly known as piccolo latte, is a delicious and fun way of starting the day or taking a break from a busy schedule. Piccolo coffee is a type of coffee drink made with espresso, foamed milk, and steamed milk. The name piccolo is an Italian word meaning “small”. It is small in the sense that it is a smaller version of latte coffee. Piccolo coffee has an irresistibly rich, creamy taste. Read on to learn how to make piccolo coffee.

piccolo coffee

How Did Piccolo Coffee Come To Be?

Milk is loved and hated in equal measure, like several staple western foods. Those who do not like milk always want to reduce its intake in milk-based coffee. Thus, they prefer milk-based coffees with a lower milk content, unlike regular latte or flat white which have more milk.

The macchiato is a great alternative but it is too small for those shifting from latte. So what is the best alternative? The piccolo offers a perfect choice for a coffee-based drink that is not as milk-rich as latte but is larger than macchiato. It offers the same strength and flavor as latte but is scaled down in size.


Why Is It Hard to Find Piccolo?

Probably, you are yet to come across a menu in your local coffee shop having a piccolo listed. Piccolo coffee is not very popular like classic lattes and cappuccinos.

One of the reasons why piccolo coffee is not common is the lack of awareness about it among consumers. Generally, consumers are confused about what piccolo is. Also, many coffee shops serve cortados rather than piccolos, while others serve piccolos rather than cortados.

Many people confuse cortados, piccolos, and other milk-based coffees. Thus, consumers are hardly aware of what to expect whenever they order such less popular coffees. As a result, many coffee lovers prefer taking common drinks such as cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes. They are preferred for being consistent and popular.

The problem is not the drink. It is that many people do not know much about piccolo or how to prepare it. As more people try piccolo, it will find a place within the coffee industry.


Piccolo Coffee Recipe

Ingredients Required:

  • Frothed milk
  • steamed milk
  • A shot of espresso
  • Sweetener (optional, such as honey or sugar)

How to Make Piccolo Coffee:

Step 1- First, pull a shot of espresso into a glass. A shot of 20 to 30 ml will be enough. You can use an espresso machine or stovetop espresso maker to make espresso. If you do not have an espresso machine, you can use an AeroPress or Moka pot to make strong coffee like espresso. However, an espresso machine makes the tastiest espresso.

Step 2- Steam 60ml of milk to about 60 degrees Celsius. Allow enough air to get into the milk to create microfoam. The microfoam should be silky and stretched for the best results. You can use an automatic milk frother or handheld milk frother to make frothed and steamed milk for your piccolo coffee.

Step 3- Pour about 40 to 60 ml of milk into the glass containing a shot of espresso. Pour the milk from a little height and at a slight angle. Allow the milk to mix with the espresso. Also, allow some foam to form on top. Your piccolo coffee is now ready.


Which Coffee Beans are the Best for Making Piccolo Coffee?

Piccolo latte has a strong taste. Thus, you should make it with the best beans. Preferably, use dark roasted beans. They have great flavor notes and are not fruity, which is what you want when making milk-based coffee because. Sweeter and fruity coffee beans are best for brewing pour-over coffee. If possible, use espresso coffee beans as they are specially roasted for making espresso, unlike regular coffee beans.