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Coffee & Health

Does Coffee Cause Yeast infections?

Yeast infection refers to a fungal infection that occurs in the female private parts and the tissues found at the opening of it. This infection is caused by a fungus that is known as candida.

women is suffering from yeast infections

Yeast infection symptoms include:

  • Female private parts itchiness and irritation
  • Private parts swelling
  • Private parts pain
  • Burning sensation while urinating or during intercourse
  • White watery private parts discharge

Does Coffee Cause Yeast Infection?

Coffee is among the most popular beverages consumed worldwide. The beverage has proved to do more than perk up your mornings. Some of the health benefits related to it include:

  1. Coffee boosts your memory and energy levels.
  2. Coffee reduces the risk of certain cancers in your body.
  3. Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  4. Coffee reduces inflammation thanks to the many antioxidants in it.
  5. Coffee can help you burn excess fats in your body.
  6. Coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Having listed some of the benefits of consuming coffee, do you think coffee causes a yeast infection?

Let’s find out!

When consumed in excess, coffee affects the health of your genitals. So, how does this happen?

  1. Excess consumption of coffee increases the risk of yeast infections. This is as a result of caffeine which limits the capability of the body to fight candida.
  2. Excess consumption of coffee changes your private parts odor. This does not necessarily affect your health. However, it’s unhygienic for a change in vaginal odor.
  3. Excess coffee consumption destroys the vitals in your body. The vitals are responsible for fighting infections. They include:
  • Vitamin B -1
  • Zinc
  • Potassium

These vitals feed the healthy bacteria that are supposed to fight off infections such as candida. So when they are destroyed, this creates a path for infections in your body.

How Does Caffeine in Coffee Affect Candida?

As mentioned earlier, caffeine in coffee affects candida that is responsible for causing yeast infection. This is how it happens.

  1. Excess caffeine in coffee destroys your immune system

Caffeine puts pressure on your immune system impairing it. When your immune system is impaired, it fails to fight off invaders such as candida that are harmful to your body. This leads to yeast infections and other infections.

  1. Excess caffeine in coffee lowers the sensitivity of cells

Caffeine lowers the sensitivity of the cells responsible for sugar absorption in your body. This leads to the pancreas producing more and more sugars that lead to high sugar build-up in your body. High sugar concentration in your body encourages candida growth leading to yeast infections.

  1. Excess caffeine in your body causes hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is caused by increased adrenaline in your body as a result of not sleeping well. Hormonal imbalance increases the chances of candida growth that lead to yeast infections.

During the candida treatment, you should consider avoiding coffee or caffeinated beverages. This is because coffee intensifies the symptoms and this can result in you feeling worse.

Here are some coffee alternatives for yeast infections.

  1. Green tea
  2. Chamomile herbal tea
  3. Peppermint herbal tea
  4. Decaffeinated coffee

You can also have decaffeinated coffee or beverages. Just ensure that they are in their natural form with no additional sweeteners or milk. Sweeteners in coffee intensify candida growth.

When you’re having a yeast infection, it is healthy to avoid coffee and any other caffeinated beverage to heal quickly and to prevent future yeast infections.