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Does Coffee Affect Thyroid Medication?

Does coffee consumption interfere with your thyroid medication? We are just about to find out if it does and how it does that. One thing is for sure, too much coffee intake is not good for your health. Let’s first dig in and find out what is thyroid medication.

coffee thyroid medication

Thyroid medications are drugs given as supplements for people with a condition known as hypothyroidism. You must be wondering what hypothyroidism is. This is a condition whereby the thyroid hormones fail to produce enough thyroid for the body. This means the thyroid levels are low.

Thyroid hormones are hormones used for metabolism regulation. An example of thyroid drugs is the thyroid pills such as levothyroxine.

Now, let’s discuss the effects of coffee on thyroid medication. Is it safe to swallow your thyroid pill with coffee?

Thyroid drugs should be taken on an empty stomach to increase their effectiveness. You can only take a cup of coffee an hour after swallowing your thyroid pill. The one-hour period allows enough absorption of the drug to your body.


Effects of Coffee on Thyroid Medication

How does coffee consumption affect your thyroid medication?

It lowers the absorption of thyroid medication

Taking coffee as stated earlier with thyroid medication lowers the absorption of the drugs in your body and should be avoided. How does this happen? Coffee contains caffeine that increases the rate of bowel movement. This means that it is very easy for the thyroid drug not to be absorbed by the intestines. The drug may pass fast as stool hence being less effective on the body. Caffeine causes a fast bowel movement.

Recommendations when using coffee and thyroid medications

  1. For some taking coffee, every morning is important and unavoidable. Just ensure that you wait for at least 60 minutes after taking the thyroid pill to take the coffee. Research has it that coffee intake with thyroid drugs reduces the absorption of the drug by 36%, this is equal to failing to take the pill for 2 days every week which is dangerous. Taking coffee before the 60 minutes will make the thyroid pill ineffective to your body. Come up with a routine where you have to take your thyroid pill and still take your coffee without having any contact with each other and allowing 60 minutes’ difference.
  2. The one-hour waiting does not only apply to coffee but to all the other caffeinated drinks that you use. They all have the same effect that coffee has on thyroid medication. Talk to your doctor for an effective prescription.
  3. Take the thyroid medication with water as it is easily absorbed by the intestines making the thyroid drug effective. People suffering from hypothyroidism suffer mostly from weight gain and taking enough water helps reduce the things that lead to weight gain such as sugar. It is therefore important for you to take enough water.
  4. To replace coffee in the morning you can choose to take lemon water preferably hot. It will serve the purpose of the coffee and will not interrupt your thyroid medication. You can also use herbal teas.


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