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Can I Eat Fruits with Coffee

Coffee is loaded with numerous health benefits and antioxidants. But can I eat fruits with coffee? Fruits are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are a crucial part of a balanced and healthy diet. If you want something nutritious and light to pair with a cup of coffee, fruits are the best option.

fruits with coffee

Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee or after dinner, pairing a hot coffee with fruit is enjoyable like a light snack. Rather than serving coffee with baked snacks all the time, you can pair it with fruits as they are refreshing and nutritious.

In fact, eating fruits with coffee is a great idea because it helps to eliminate the harsh aftertaste or bitterness of coffee. Besides, as the warmth of spring and summer seasons kicks in, you will crave fresh fruits to quench your thirst. Although pairing coffee and fruits may seem strange to some people, the two blend very well.


What Fruit Can I Eat With Coffee?

Not all fruits go well with coffee. Just like how wine pairs best with certain cheeses, certain coffees also pair best with certain foods and fruits. Eating some fruits with coffee can destroy the flavor and taste of your favorite cup of Joe. Luckily for you, we have listed the best fruits to eat with coffee. They include:

     1. Stone Fruits

Fruits categorized as stone fruits are those that contain a pit. They include fruits like peaches, mangoes, plums, cherries, nectarines, dates, apriums, peaches, and lychees. Stone fruits are especially helpful in improving digestive health due to their rich fiber content.

Also, they promote bone growth, keep the muscles healthy, protect eye health, and promote a stronger immune system. Stone fruits pair best with Haitian and Tanzanian coffees.

     2. Berries

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are packed with antioxidants. They are great for fighting inflammation, lowering cholesterol, improving blood sugar levels, improving the skin, and providing the body with tons of essential nutrients.

Berries pair well with almost any type of coffee. Regardless, they taste most delicious when paired with Kenyan coffee, Tanzanian coffee, and Haitian coffee. Blueberries, in specific, taste best with Jamaican coffee.

     3. Tart Fruit

Tart fruit includes fruits such as granny smith apples, kiwis, grapefruit, limes, lemons, and black currants. They pair best with dark-roasted coffee. In particular, they taste superior when paired with dark-roasted Brazilian coffee and Costa Rican coffee.

     4. Papaya

It is also a great idea to eat papaya with coffee. Coffee and papaya match perfectly. Besides the combination tasting great, papaya improves the bitter coffee aftertaste. Papayas are delicious and smooth with a delicate flavor.


Can I Add Fruity Flavors to Coffee?

Besides eating fruits with coffee, you can also add fruity flavors of your choice to your coffee brew. Some of the best fruit infusions to add to coffee include:

     1. Bananas

Coffee and bananas may appear like a very odd combination. However, they are a great match. The next time you are grinding coffee beans at home, add in fresh banana chips. They will add fresh sweetness to your brew that other sugars or artificial sweeteners cannot manage.

     2. Oranges

An orange-infused cup of coffee is a superb morning pick-me-up drink. To make this drink, brew coffee like you usually do. Next, slice a fresh orange into several wedges. Squeeze orange juice from the wedges into your coffee pot. You can add extra orange flavor to your coffee by adding an orange wedge to your cup of coffee.



So can I eat fruits with coffee? Although coffee tastes superb on its own, it tastes better when accompanied by fruits. Fruits and coffee are not the kind of foods and drinks you would think to pair, but certain fruits taste great with certain coffees. Thus, it will help to know which fruit to pair with a certain type of coffee.