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Which Coffee Beans Are Less Acidic?

Coffee is a beverage that has come to stay in many people’s lives. That is why articles and research keep coming up often, to explain so many things about it. One of the significant characteristics of coffee that is widely discussed is its acidity.

Many coffee lovers are curious about the acidity level of this beverage. Is it safe to consume? Can it affect their health in any way? If you have these questions or any other related to coffee acidity, you are in the right place. This article will answer your questions and further explain the concept of acidity in coffee.

less acidic coffee beans

Coffee Acidity

Aside from the various characteristics of coffee, such as; sweetness, bitterness, aroma, body and aftertaste, acidity is another prominent feature of coffee beans.

Acidity is a primary coffee flavour reaction that has a satisfying snap or crispness with a numb sensation at the tongue tip, just like a dry wine. The acidity of a coffee may have a subtle fruit-like quality, like lemon, citrus or berry.

Through the help of acidity, we determine the quality of coffee. However, this has nothing to do with the level of acid (pH) present in the coffee. Coffee’s acidity level, however, varies depending on some factors.


Factors Affecting Coffee’s Acidity

Some of the factors that contribute to coffee’s acidity level are;


Roasting is one of the significant factors that affect a coffee’s acidity. The time it takes to roast a coffee, as well as the temperature it is in, affects its acidity level. A study affirms that the longer the duration it takes to roast a coffee and the hotter the temperature, the lower their chlorogenic acid levels.

Deducing from this claim, the darker the roast, the lower the acidity and the lighter the roast, the higher the acidity level.

Ground Size

The fineness of coffee grounds is another major that affects a coffee’s acidity level. A study confirms that the more delicate the ground, the more you increase the exposed surface area of the grounds, which leads to faster acid extraction during the brewing process.

A smaller grind may automatically mean a more acidic cup of coffee.


The brewing method adopted in coffee making also affects its acidity level. Hot brewed coffee is proven to have more acidity than cold brewed coffee. Asides from that, brewing your coffee for a shorter duration is likely to give you a more acidic cup than when you brew in moderation.


Effects of Coffee’s Acidity on The Body

Coffee’s acidity may not be an issue for a lot of people. However, people who have underlying health conditions may not be able to consume acidic coffee without their health issues being aggravated.

Examples of health conditions that can be aggravated by coffee’s acidity include; irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), gastric ulcer, and acid reflux. So, if you have been diagnosed with some of these conditions, it is preferable you totally stay away from coffee. And if you can’t totally stay away, you can opt for less acidic coffee.


How to Make Low-acid Coffee


Cold Brewing

To reduce acidity level through the brewing process, you should prepare your coffee long before the time you need to consume it. For this method, you will have to soak the coffee grounds in cold water for at least 24hours. With cold water, the natural acids in coffee beans do not get extracted.

This method is highly effective, as it would give you a sweet taste of caffeine with about 70% less acid.

However, you should note that this process cannot be rushed. It requires proper planning.

Low Brewing Temperature

Another way to lessen the acidity level of coffee is by controlling the water temperature you want to use in brewing. When you want to brew with hot water, you should maintain the temperature of the water. When you reduce the temperature, it will be difficult for the coffee oils to release acid. Hot water can cause the over-extraction of coffee oils.

Acid Reducer Products

Some products help in reducing acid in things. They are so effective that they can eliminate 90% acid in your coffee. If you buy any of these products and use them in your coffee, you are lowering the acidity level in your lovely cup of caffeine and making it safer.


Surprisingly, you can use simple chemistry to get rid of acidity in your coffee. Eggshells are rich in calcium, which means alkaline that has the power to neutralise any type of acid.

For this method, you should get some Eggshells and wash them thoroughly. After they are properly clean, crush them, then add them to your coffee grounds. Another benefit of this method is that your bones and teeth will also get strengthened due to excess calcium that won’t be working.

Baking Soda/salt

This whole process is looking too ridiculous already, yeah? Wait, let me explain. These easily accessible household ingredients work wonders in coffee. All you have to do is add a pinch to your coffee, and there you have your magic!

This is no magic. The explanation is that they are highly alkaline and can neutralise the acid.


Low Acid Coffees

The following are the types of coffee with a low acidity level

Dark Roasts

dark roast coffee

Due to the extended roasting process, we get fewer compounds that stimulate the release of stomach acid. Amanda, a gut health nutritionist, affirms that dark roasts are usually lower in acidity than medium or light roasts.

Cold Brew

cold brew sample

Coffees soaked in cold water for up to 24hours are less bitter and less acidic.


espresso sample

Espresso is unfiltered. Unlike dark roasts, the shorter the brewing period, the less acidic espresso becomes.


Starbucks Coffee Acidity Level

Starbucks has varieties of coffee with low acidity levels. Check them out here.

Low acid coffee in grocery stores

You can get the following less acidic coffees in stores like Amazon and the rest.

  • Trücup Born to Be Mild Light Roast
  • Puroast Coffee Colombian Dark Roast
  • Purity Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Golden Ratio Original Gold Coffee
  • Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee
  • Volcanica Low Acid Coffee
  • Mommee Coffee
  • Cafe Don Pedro French Roast Low Acid Coffee
  • Lifeboost Coffee Embolden Dark Roast


FAQs About Acidic Coffee Beans

Which Coffee Roast Is Acidic?

Light roasts have the highest acidity among other roasts. This is due to a lesser roasting period than medium or light roasts.

What Coffee Beans Are The Least Acidic?

Dark roasts tend to be the least acidic due to the increased roasting period it passes through.


Final Words

Coffee is acidic and may affect some people’s health. If you have some underlying conditions, you should check out ways you can take coffee if it can not be totally avoided.

Although these acidity levels cannot be totally removed, there are still different ways to go about it. These ways have been extensively explained in the above article. Do well to check out and follow what suits your health. You shouldn’t love coffee more than your health.


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