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Where Is Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Made?

To answer the query, “Where is Jamaican Me Crazy coffee made?” it’s important to clarify what Jamaican Me Crazy coffee actually is. Jamaican Me Crazy is a flavor profile typically attributed to coffee blends that infuse Caribbean flavors, particularly rum, vanilla, and caramel. The creation of these blends happens in many places around the world.

Jamaican Me Crazy made where

Section 1: The Story Behind The Flavor

Coffee Origin

While the beans used in these blends can come from various coffee-growing regions, they are not typically sourced from Jamaica. The term “Jamaican Me Crazy” reflects the flavors associated with the Jamaican culture rather than the origin of the coffee beans.

Flavor Infusion

The unique flavor profile of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee is achieved by adding flavorings after the roasting process. Roasters in various locations infuse the coffee beans with the flavors of rum, vanilla, and caramel.

Section 2: Sourcing Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee

Retail Availability

Jamaican Me Crazy flavored coffee is made by several coffee companies and can be found in grocery stores, coffee shops, and online marketplaces. The product descriptions usually indicate where the coffee is roasted and flavored.

Brand Specifics

Some popular brands offering Jamaican Me Crazy coffee include Wolfgang Puck, Berres Brothers, and Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. The roasting and flavoring processes occur in the facilities of these companies, located in various countries, including the United States.

Section 3: Additional Tips

– Always check the packaging for information about where your coffee was roasted and flavored.

– Remember that flavor-infused coffee like Jamaican Me Crazy doesn’t denote the origin of the beans but refers to the flavors added during the roasting process.

Section 4: Engage With Us!

Have you tried Jamaican Me Crazy coffee? What’s your favorite brand? Share your experiences and recommendations!


Jamaican Me Crazy coffee, despite its name, is not typically made in Jamaica. It represents a flavor profile infused into coffee beans during the roasting process. The flavor infusion and packaging of this unique coffee blend can happen in various parts of the world.