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When Can I Have Coffee after Gastric Sleeve?

Many people ask, when can I have coffee after gastric sleeve? For many people, drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is the best way of starting their day. Whether you drink coffee as a luxury or a matter of necessity, coffee boosts energy levels to help you wake up. It works by stimulating the mind to keep you alert and make you more active.

coffee after gastric sleeve

However, people who have undergone gastric sleeve procedure are advised to follow a strict diet. Most importantly, they should be careful about drinking coffee. In this guide, we will discuss when you can start drinking coffee after gastric sleeve and how you should drink it.


What is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a form of weight-loss surgery. It is also known as gastric bypass surgery, bariatric surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric sleeve surgery is done either through open or laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery is more invasive as a larger incision is done on the abdomen.

During the procedure, a small pouch is created inside the stomach. The sleeve connects to the lower section of the small intestines. Digestive fluids pass through the upper section of the small intestines. Gastric sleeve surgery works by limiting the amount of food that you can consume. Also, it ensures the stomach does not absorb large amounts of nutrients and calories.

Gastric sleeve improves the quality of life of the patients. It is typically done when other weight-loss procedures such as dieting and exercising fail to work. In most cases, it is done on patients at risk of serious health conditions related to obesity.


What Will Happen if you Drink Coffee After Gastric Sleeve?

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you should be concerned about taking coffee. Although coffee helps kick-start your day and provide energy, gastric sleeve patients must avoid coffee. The reasons why you should avoid coffee after gastric sleeve include:

  • Coffee contains caffeine, which is acidic. The acidity can irritate the lining of your gastric sleeve or pouch, which may cause serious complications.
  • Caffeine may cause acid reflux, which can interfere with recovery or cause complications after gastric sleeve.
  • When you drink coffee, it creates a diuretic effect in the body. It can dehydrate you, yet you need sufficient hydration for normal body functioning and faster recovery.
  • Research shows that caffeine reduces the body’s ability to absorb iron and calcium. You need a sufficient supply of these minerals for quick recovery.
  • Drinking hot coffee soon after bariatric surgery can cause complications in the sleeve due to excessive heat.
  • Drinking a lot of coffee after the procedure can increase the chances of recurrence of the surgery and relapse of symptoms.


Can I Drink Decaf Coffee After Gastric Sleeve?

Although decaf coffee contains an insignificant amount of caffeine, it is not recommended after gastric sleeve. The reason is that decaf is acidic like regular coffee. Thus, you can still experience issues such as acid reflux and irritation of the sleeve lining. Even after recovery, you should not add unnecessary calories to decaf coffee such as flavored syrups, sugar, and creamer.


Which other Beverages Should I Avoid After Gastric Sleeve?

Besides avoiding coffee, you should also avoid other drinks that contain caffeine such as cola and tea. Also, avoid alcoholic drinks and carbonated beverages. That way, you will avoid any issues after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery and enjoy a quicker recovery.


When Can I Have Coffee After Gastric Sleeve?

After undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure, avoid consuming coffee until you recover fully. Also, do not drink coffee until all the side effects of the gastric sleeve are gone. Give yourself at least 2 to 3 months before drinking coffee. You can also ask your surgeon when to resume drinking coffee since every person’s body is different.

Generally, recovery from gastric sleeve takes about 2 to 3 weeks. However, the body still has a lot of adjustments to do. Thus, follow the strict diet instructions issued to you. Coffee may increase the risk of complications when consumed in the first few months after surgery. Give your stomach sufficient time to heal completely and your body to adjust before going back to drinking coffee.

Even after full recovery, you should limit your coffee consumption. We recommend you limit your coffee intake to 1 to 2 small cups per day. That way, you will reduce the risk of recurring symptoms.


Can I have Coffee Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

You should avoid drinking coffee and all beverages containing caffeine at least 2 weeks before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. That way, your body will not have any significant traces of caffeine during your surgery date.


Which is the Best Drink to Take After Gastric Sleeve?

The best drink to have after gastric sleeve is water. It will keep you hydrated without any risks. It does not contain extra additives. You can enhance its taste by adding a squeeze of lemon or fruit.