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Coffee Types

What is Postum Coffee? 

There are many types of coffee in cafes. We all have our favorites. Some people love milky coffee beverages, while others prefer straight-up black coffee.

There are also those who can only take coffee in the form of dessert drinks, such as Affogato and Mocha Frappes.

postum coffee

Caffeinated drinks seem to dominate menus in restaurants and coffee shops. It seems like you must have caffeine if you want to drink coffee. Wouldn’t it be nice to see some non – caffeinated beverages on these menus?

The good news is that coffee substitutes that contain no caffeine are slowly gaining popularity.

These non – caffeinated coffees are made from ingredients you would not think of that are healthy for your body and unlikely to trigger chronic ailments. They are excellent for people who suffer from caffeine sensitivity.

Some examples are date coffee, Malunggay coffee (Moringa coffee), and the delicious Postum coffee.

The producers of these caffeine-free coffees have discovered other ingredients that can provide us with energizing properties and used them to create unique beverages.

In this article, we will discover why Postum coffee is such a great non –  caffeinated beverage and what it is made from.


What is Used to Make Postum Coffee?

Postum coffee is a popular caffeine-free beverage made from roasted grain and molasses. It was first created in 1895 by C.W. Post, the head of the Post Cereals Company.

Post’s aim was to provide people with a healthier alternative to caffeinated beverages such as coffee. That’s why it is available in cocoa and coffee flavors to appeal to people that love the taste of coffee.

C. W. Post first developed Postum coffee as a brewed beverage before creating an instant mix. The inspiration for creating Postum coffee came from his friend John Harvey Kellogg, the founder of The Kellogg Company.

Kellog held a firm belief that caffeinated coffee was bad for our health. He decided to create a caramel coffee recipe that impressed Post, who also tried to come up with his own version of non -caffeinated coffee that he called Postum coffee.

Post created his brand of non – caffeinated coffee using a two-burner stove and a peanut roaster in his barn. It was a huge success.

From that humble beginning, Postum coffee garnered a high demand that translated to great sales in consignment stores all over Michigan.

The success of Postum coffee was primarily due to Post’s perseverance. He faced a lot of ridicule from some grocery owners when he started.

According to Post, some grocers tried to discourage him from brewing coffee. One of them once told him, “You’ll see, there is absolutely no demand, and you’d better go home and get into something there is some reason for.”

C. W. Post didn’t give up; he continued to sell Postum coffee and advertised it using a cartoon called Mister coffee Nerves. The cartoon showed the negative effects of caffeination, offering people Postum coffee as a better alternative.

Although Postum coffee gained popularity during the 2nd World War, demand for the coffee substitute dwindled after 2007, and it was discontinued.

It’s good to note that the low demand for Postum did not last long. Its popularity was reignited when Eliza Quest Food took over the brand in 2012.

Today Postum is among the most valued coffee substitutes. Why do people love it so much?


What Makes Postum Coffee so Good?

As we’ve mentioned, Postum coffee was invented by C. W. Post after a long illness. His inspiration for creating the caffeine-free beverage was to make something healthy to include in his new diet focused on healthy eating.

That was after he recovered from a bad illness after excluding caffeine and other unhealthy ingredients from his diet. So Postum coffee’s greatest appeal is that it is a healthy non -caffeinated beverage for people of all ages.

Postum coffee is made from a delicious combination of roasted wheat bran and molasses. It contains no caffeine or preservatives, which is why it’s preferred by people trying to stay away from processed beverages or caffeinated drinks.

It’s a tried and proven beverage that has been around for over 100 years. The coffee substitute established itself as a popular non -caffeinated beverage during World War II when coffee was in short supply.

At that time, people turned to coffee alternatives such as Postum to satisfy their need for coffee as they waited for things to get better. It helped that the coffee substitute was so delicious and nutritious.


Postum Coffee is a Drink for The Whole Family

Postum coffee continues to gain popularity today. It’s a beverage for the whole family. That is due to its great taste and the fact that it can be used to make drinks like lattes and frappuccinos without using real coffee.

Older people who suffer from chronic ailments that can worsen after coffee consumption, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, can consume Postum coffee.

It is also an ideal beverage for vegans because it doesn’t contain dairy. Vegetarians also prefer it over coffee because it’s gentler on their stomach and is pH balanced. It is the perfect coffee substitute especially in protein shakes and milkshakes.

The creators of Postum coffee have also excluded GMO products from the beverage. That includes Maltodextrin, a common GMO ingredient that causes stomach upsets and allergic reactions in some people.

These potentially harmful ingredients have been replaced by safe ingredients derived from grain such as wheat starch in the Postum recipe.

The only people who cannot consume Postum coffee are people suffering from a wheat allergy.

Postum coffee is a beverage you can have for breakfast, after a meal, or in the evening before bed without fear of suffering insomnia and other caffeine sensitivity symptoms.

You can buy Postum coffee in grocery stores such as Walmart, on the Postum official website, or from online stores such as Amazon.

How to Make Postum Coffee

Postum coffee is easy to make and tastes amazing. Here’s how to brew yourself some Postum coffee.


Postum coffee

Hot water

Sweetener (optional)

Milk (optional )


  1. Spoon one or two teaspoons of Postum coffee into a mug.
  2. Pour some hot water over the coffee and stir.
  3. You may add milk or sweetener and other flavorings, such as cinnamon, to give it a better taste.

Postum also makes an excellent latte. Here is a recipe.

How to Make a Postum Latte


1 cup of hot whole milk/ milk substitute

1 Tbsp Postum coffee powder



  1. Scoop the Postum powder into a coffee mug and add hot water.
  2. Stir until the coffee dissolves in hot water, and add sweetener
  3. Pour in your preferred quantity of hot milk, and stir to mix all the ingredients ensuring the sweetener has dissolved perfectly.
  4. Enjoy your mug of milky Postum latte with a pastry of your choice.



That’s some information on Postum coffee, its origin, and how you can consume it. Now you have a great substitute for coffee and other caffeinated beverages that you can take at any time of the day.

Postum coffee is energizing and nutritious. It is also easy to make. Try it anytime you need a change from coffee or if you are working on getting caffeine out of your diet. You’ll be amazed at the smooth taste of Postum coffee.


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