What Is Keto Coffee

Following a keto diet demands giving up several foods such as starchy veggies, fruits with high sugar content, and carbohydrates.

Although you may be restricted on the kind of additives you can add to coffee while on a keto diet, you don’t have to forego drinking coffee altogether.

That’s where keto coffee comes in handy. Keto coffee is the most recommended type of coffee when observing a keto diet. In this article, you’ll learn everything about keto coffee.

keto coffee.

What is Keto?

Before discussing what keto coffee entails, it’ll help to learn more about keto. Essentially, a keto diet refers to a diet that focuses on low carbohydrate intake. Thus, this diet requires eating moderate protein and more fat. This diet aims to make fats and protein the main source of calories in the body and eliminating carbohydrates.

Processed foods and sugar that contain carbs, starches like potatoes, bread, and rice, and legumes such as lentils and beans are completely avoided. Also, sugary fruits and most packaged foods are not ideal for keto. The aim of observing a keto diet is all about weight loss.

What is Keto Coffee?

Keto coffee refers to coffee that contains added fat and low carbohydrates. Essentially, coconut oil or MCT oil and ghee or butter are added to regular coffee to increase the amount of fat in the drink.

Generally, anyone who doesn’t like black coffee will add milk and sugar or cream to sweeten the drink. However, these additives are not ideal for a keto diet. Sugar and most sugar-free and artificial sweeteners contain soluble carbohydrates. Also, milk contains carbohydrates. Carbohydrates aren’t ideal for keto.

Cream is ideal for keto so long as you’re using whipping cream or heavy cream. However, cream contains some carbohydrates and should be used moderately. Dairy-free forms of milk such as almond milk and coconut milk are also ideal for keto but don’t add sufficient fat as you’d get when drinking keto coffee.

The best alternative for neutralizing the bitterness that comes with regular coffee is by adding ghee or butter, just like you do by adding cream, sugar, and milk. However, not all kinds of butter are used in making keto coffee. Keto coffee should be made with grass-fed butter. This is a form of butter obtained from cows fed on grass rather than grain. Grass-fed butter is raw fat without sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates. It has a higher amount of vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids than regular butter.

You can use either coconut oil or medium-chain triglycerides oil (MCT oil) when making keto coffee. However, MCT oil is better than coconut oil as it’s more concentrated and assists in fat loss. The structure making up MCT oil allows it to be absorbed easily without undergoing the entire process of digestion. Thus, MCT oils provided an immediate source of energy.

MCT oil also offers other health benefits. For instance, it minimizes or reverses metabolic syndrome. Also, it enhances performance when working out. Additionally, it offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Thus, it’s a perfect addition to keto coffee.

Does Keto Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

The aim of taking a keto diet is to lose weight. But can keto coffee help you lose weight? Let’s find out.

Essentially, carbohydrates are sugars. Upon eating carbohydrates, the digestive system breaks them down to form several byproducts including glucose. Glucose is a form of sugar that’s also known as blood sugar. It’s the main source of energy for the brain and body cells. Without sufficient glucose or acceptable glucose substitutes, the brain and cells won’t function properly.

Once you start taking a keto diet and keto coffee, the body won’t get sufficient carbohydrates that are required to produce energy. As a result, the body will start using glucose reserves in the body. The glucose reserves will get exhausted within 3 to 4 days of your keto diet. Thus, the body will look for an alternative energy source. Consequently, it’ll go into a kind of panic mode known as ketosis.

Once the body goes into ketosis mode, it’ll stimulate the liver to produce a replacement for glucose, which is known as ketones. For the liver to produce sufficient ketones to keep functioning, it’ll burn stored fats. Thus, failure to consume carbohydrates will force the body to go into ketosis mode, thereby burning fats.

What Happens When You Stop Taking Keto?

What if you stop taking a keto diet and keto coffee? What will happen? Essentially, once you get back to eating carbohydrates, your body won’t require ketones. Consequently, it won’t have to burn any more fat. As a result, your body won’t lose any more fat and you won’t continue losing weight through keto.

How to Make Keto Coffee

Now that you know what keto coffee is and how it works, it’ll also help to learn how to make keto coffee at home. Fortunately, there’re several ways of making keto coffee. Also, you’ll come across several terms describing keto coffee. One of the most common names used to describe keto coffee is Bulletproof Coffee. Although this term is used to refer to keto coffee, it’s a brand name.

Bulletproof Coffee is a company that was founded by David Asprey. He founded the company after making his own keto coffee. Thus, this term only refers to a branded keto coffee. However, keto dieters often use the term Bulletproof Coffee to refer to keto coffee. Others refer to keto coffee as butter coffee due to the butter ingredient.

Here’s the most basic recipe for preparing keto coffee:

Equipment required:

  • Blender


  • Black coffee (1 cup)
  • Grass-fed butter or ghee (1 tablespoon)
  • MCT oil or coconut oil (1 tablespoon)


Step 1- Brew 1 cup of black coffee using your favorite brewing method.

Step 2- Add the MCT oil, butter, and coffee into a blender.

Step 3- Press the pulse button on your blender to mix the ingredients until they form a frothy and smooth mixture.

Step 4- Your keto coffee is ready for serving.

Do You Have To Use A Blender For Bulletproof Coffee?

There’s a reason why you should blend the ingredients when making keto coffee. The reason is that water and oil don’t mix. Black coffee contains water while making keto coffee requires adding butter and MCT oil. Since water and oil don’t mix, you’ll need a blender to combine these ingredients when making keto coffee. Alternatively, you can use a milk frother or immersion blender to combine them.

Is Keto Coffee Bad For You?

Drinking keto coffee can assist you to enhance your weight loss program when taking a keto diet. It’ll also offer you the numerous benefits that come with drinking coffee. However, the butter and oil ingredients in keto coffee may have some nutritional downsides. For instance, a cup of keto coffee contains a higher amount of saturated fat than the recommended amount per day. Although drinking keto coffee in the morning may give you the needed energy to take you through the day, you won’t get the required nutrients that you should intake in a healthy breakfast.

You should only take keto coffee moderately. It’s only beneficial and healthy when taken in addition to your keto diet. However, excessive consumption of keto coffee is unhealthy since it contains high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat. Also, it’s unhealthy as it lacks essential nutrients. If you’re not taking a keto diet, then keto coffee isn’t the right drink for you. If you have any doubts regarding the safety of keto coffee on your health, consult your doctor before drinking it.

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