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The Best 9 Liquors to Pair With Coffee

Coffee is a definite all-time favorite in the morning. You may want to enjoy this treasured drink all through the day.

Did you know you can spice up your coffee by making delicious coffee cocktails?

Best Liquors to Pair With Coffee

There is a wide range of alcoholic drinks that you can mix into your coffee.

List of the best 9 liquors to pair with your coffee.


1. Brandy

Brandy is a liquor that is made from distilled grapes or any other fermented fruits. It is placed in wooden casks to age it so that it can gain its desired flavor. This gives it a fruity aftertaste that makes it a perfect choice to add to your coffee. When mixed with warm coffee it creates a nice smoky taste. You can add cream and sugar as well and enjoy it as a dessert option.


2. Whisky

Whisky is made from grain. It could be malted barley or unmalted grain like maize or wheat. The grain is then distilled and left to mature in casks to get its golden colour and flavor. A popular brand of whisky that pairs well with coffee is Jack Daniels Whisky. To make a traditional Irish coffee, add some sugar and cream. Spice up the mix by adding natural honey or peppermint liquor to make a sweet cocktail.


3. Bourbon

This is a type of American whisky that is largely produced in Kentucky. The difference from the normal whisky is in how it is manufactured. It is made primarily from corn. Add a little bourbon to your coffee and top it up with whipped cream to enjoy a Kentucky Coffee cocktail.


4. Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream is widely enjoyed as a perfect drink after dinner. It is commonly used during the festive seasons as well. Add a shot or two to your warm coffee and enjoy a smooth dessert drink with a kick.

Baileys Irish Cream is also versatile because it can be paired with iced coffee, instant coffee, filtered coffee, and lattes. This is a great cocktail mix for someone who has a sweet tooth.


5. Kahlua

This is a creamy coffee liquor originating from Mexico. It is commonly used to make cocktails and is a Mixologists’ favorite. Add a dash of Kahlua to your creamed coffee and enjoy this famous cocktail.


6. Amaretto

This is a sweet liquor from Italy. It contains a nutty flavor because it is made from almonds, peach stones, or apricot kernels. Pair it with coffee to create a nutty-flavored coffee cocktail. What a unique drink!


7. Frangelico

Frangelico is made from hazelnuts from the great region of Italy. It is made more complex in its production by adding coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. To make a sophisticated coffee cocktail, add iced cubes, lime juice, and a shot of Frangelico to cold coffee.


8. Vodka

 Vodka can be produced from a wide variety of foods as long as it can be fermented. Mostly, it is distilled from potatoes, molasses, and many types of grain. The ingredients used to make vodka influence its flavor. This reason also makes vodka widely available and affordable too. Pairing vodka with coffee creates a common cocktail known as a Russian Coffee cocktail. Add a shot of vodka to cold brew coffee and some sweet coffee liquor. Remember to pour your drink on some ice cubes. Such elegance!


9. Rum

This is one of the most popular liquors in the world. It is made from cane sugar. Other ingredients can be added to give it different flavors and colors. Rum is commonly added to coffee to make a Caribbean Coffee cocktail. So if you want that Jamaican feel, add your rum of choice to cold or hot coffee. To have it creamy top it up with some whipped cream. Sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg and salt for a pleasurable finish. So fancy!



Coffee can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Apart from taking it hot or cold, it can be made into delicious cocktails by adding different types of liquors. This is a creative and fun idea to entertain your guests too. Remember to take note of your guests’ preferred taste to know whether to add more liquor or not.


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