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Is It Safe to Feed Blueberry Plants With Coffee Grounds?

Blueberries are part of the genus Vaccinium. They’re categorized under the heath family of flowering plants which includes other plants such as huckleberries, bilberries, cranberries, rhododendrons, and azaleas.

Unlike most fruit trees, blueberries come with the advantage of thriving in small backyards. All you need to do to cultivate them in small spaces is to provide them with their best-growing conditions.

blueberry plant in a garden

Essentially, most plants under the heath family thrive in highly acidic soils. Thus, creating the best soil conditions where blueberries can thrive requires enhancing the soil acidity. You can easily enhance the acidity of the soil on the garden area where you want to grow blueberry plants by mixing the soil with coffee grounds. By adding coffee grounds to the soil, you’ll help the plants to flourish and maximize the harvest.


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