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Is Coffee Bean Straw Edible?

Coffee is one of the beverages that is most consumed in the world. That comes with a lot of waste in terms of paper filters, disposable plastic cups, and straws. These items find their way to landfills, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions such as methane.

Now, coffee shops worldwide are adopting ways of reducing their waste. That’s why there are recyclable coffee cups in almost every coffee shop.

coffee bean straw edible

Coffee experts also advise people to use compostable cloth filters instead of paper filters when brewing their coffee at home. Recyclable takeaway coffee cups and sustainable coffee packaging have also become popular.

With the success of every sustainable product, more innovations surrounding biodegradable coffee items keep coming up. A recent one is edible straws from Coffee Bean.

Have you heard of these straws? Let’s look at some information about them.


What are Edible Coffee Straws?

Edible coffee straws are eco-friendly straws made from materials you can eat, such as pasta or rice. The edible coffee straws from Coffee Bean are made from rice. These straws give coffee drinkers a unique experience they cannot get when drinking their coffee using plastic or paper straws.

You can chew the edible rice straws from Coffee Bean while drinking coffee, just like you do when eating ice cream cones.

Will that change the flavor of your coffee? No! Coffee Bean edible straws have a neutral taste. They can only take up the flavor of your coffee beverage as you drink it.

You may assume these straws are as hard as rice, making them hard to chew on, but that’s not the case. Edible straws soften as you drink coffee, enabling you to chew on them while enjoying your coffee beverage.

Besides the edible straws made of rice, Coffee Bean also provides customers with sustainable straws produced using recycled coffee grounds. These straws, like those made from rice, can enhance your coffee drinking experience.

Is a fun experience all you get by choosing to drink your coffee through a sustainable straw? No. There are many benefits to using an edible straw whenever you buy a beverage from Coffee Bean.


Advantages of Using Coffee Bean Edible Straws

Once you try edible coffee straws, you’ll appreciate how much they improve the coffee drinking experience. They are significantly better than paper, plastic, or metal straws for the following reasons.

The edible straws from Coffee Bean do not leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. They also do not expose you to health risks by releasing harmful plastics into your hot coffee like some plastic straws.

You don’t have to eat edible straws; you can also dispose of them without worrying that they will add to the toxic waste in our landfills and oceans. These straws decompose within 90 days, leaving no trace to pollute the environment.

And unlike metal straws, edible straws do not harbor bacteria because they are single-use products. They are also FDA – approved, which means they have been tried, tested, and proven to be safe for your use.

Other sustainable products you may opt for are recyclable packaging materials such as coffee cups or coffee bags.

Using sustainable coffee items will open up a whole new world to you. There are so many more in the market that can improve your coffee drinking experience. A good example is biodegradable, edible, flavored coffee cups from Loliware that taste like Vanilla, Matcha, Caramel, or Citrus.

Imagine drinking a coffee made with vanilla from a cup that tastes and smells like vanilla. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

But some people feel straws are unnecessary because you can sip your coffee from the cup. Why should you use them whether they are biodegradable or not? Here are some reasons.


Do We Have to Use Straws?

You may feel like there are too many innovations surrounding straws and decide they are not necessary. That’s understandable because many people don’t consume their coffee beverages using straws anyway.

Dessert drinks and coffee beverages such as Lattes, served in tall glasses, may be harder to drink without straws. But there are other options, such as long-handled spoons, that you can use.

People don’t always like to use these options, deciding to use straws because they are single-use items. That seems like a more hygienic option than using spoons.

That could be where the idea to make edible straws came from. It eliminates the worry surrounding the safe disposal of plastic straws and makes drinking coffee more enjoyable.

Drinking your dessert beverage at Coffee and Bean with an edible rice straw while gradually chewing on it is a fun experience. And you don’t have to worry about ruining the taste of your coffee because these straws are tasteless. They may also take up the flavor of some of the ingredients in your coffee, making them nice to munch on.

Using straws to drink cold coffee beverages protects your teeth from developing sensitivity and prevents brain freeze. They also improve hygiene by keeping you from sipping coffee straight from the cup while preventing your teeth from getting discolored from the coffee.

These reasons for using coffee straws should inspire you to use edible straws from Coffee Bean at least once. You may also buy edible straws from online vendors for use in your home.

There are other edible straws to choose from, such as coffee straws made from pasta, sugar cane, and cornstarch. Other sustainable options are coffee straws made from Bamboo or coffee grounds.



Now you know that Coffee Bean offers edible straws; you don’t have to chew on plastic straws again. These sustainable straws are better for your health and the environment.

You will be contributing to the preservation of the environment by using edible straws instead of plastic or paper ones. That will reduce the backlog of plastic waste in our environment significantly.

Plastic straws take hundreds of years to decompose into toxic microplastics. These harmful substances are ingested by fish or find their way into our foods, exposing us to health problems such as inflammation and oxidative stress.

If you choose to drink your coffee using edible straws, you will help us to cut down on the millions of plastic straws used worldwide and preserve your health.

So the next time you buy a coffee at Coffee and Bean, use their edible straws and other sustainable coffee items. It’s the right way to live.


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