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Coffee Alternatives

How To Wake Up Without Coffee?

Yes, there are some people who cannot stand the smell or taste of the brew, or maybe you just do not like to wait in line at Starbucks. So, here we have some other alternative methods that will help you wake up in time for your daily chores.

woman waking up without coffee.


Studies show peppermint not only helps with bad breath but also helps to improve alertness. So, instead of waking up and drinking a morning cup of brew, you can brush your teeth with a toothpaste having a peppermint flavor.


Massaging yourself

Doctors have stated that messaging yourself on certain body spots will help you get prepared for your day. Also, it feels great. You can try massaging body spots like wrists, forefinger webs of thumb, or temples.


Drink Orange Juice

Orange juice has high levels of natural sugar, this can help you become alert. But the juice is not the only thing waking you up but also the color. Color psychologists say bright colors, for example, orange can stimulate concentration, focus, and energy. If you decide to drink orange juice, make sure to drink from a crystal-clear glass. So now, you are not only using 1 but 2 methods to light up your brain.


Keep Your Curtains Open

Have you realized it is twice as hard to wake up from bed when the curtains are closed, and it feels like nighttime in the morning? There is an easy solution for this, open up your curtains. Light causes a reduction of Melatonin (the hormone that induces sleep.) So, more light means less Melatonin meaning less sleep.


Use Caffeine Containing Hot Sauce

Yes, there is some hot sauce that not only contains spices but also kicks of coffee. Some of these hot sauces have 12 milligrams of caffeine each tablespoon, so now your eggs will have a topping of caffeine as well.


Inhaling Caffeine

Maybe the only awesome way of waking up on this list. Inhaling some caffeine vapors for waking up sounds fun, right? So, if you don’t like drinking caffeinated drinks, you can try inhaling them. Every puff of caffeine vapor will contain around 2 milligrams of caffeine. You will need to snort almost 10-15 times to get as much caffeine that equals energy drink.

Something interesting – caffeine will reach your brain much quicker than drinking it, this will result quicker than usually consuming a Red Bull.


Coconut Water

Coconut water contains a lot of potassium which helps to convert carbohydrates into fuel that makes it a stimulating drink, resulting in you waking up. Coconut water is helpful on regular days but also when you have a hangover.

And for most of us consuming coconut water takes you back on the beach memories.



Did you also though of skipping this point after reading the word “Running?” You are not alone. But even if you hate running, you know how well it can put you in a great mood and awakes you for the day.


Drinking Some Water

Your body goes through a lot if you don’t drink enough water in 8 hours. Dehydration could lead to getting fatigued because less blood is sent to the brain. Your heart pumps harder to send blood everywhere in the body. So please consider drinking more water to let your heart pump normally.


Eating an Apple

An apple contains sugar as much as a half tin of coke. They are much healthier than coke and also a great way to wake yourself up. Also, the thick skin of the apple is a little hard to digest, this helps the digestive system of your body to wake up.


Drinking Soda

Now, we don’t recommend this option as it is not healthy, but we all agree nothing will give you a boost as a can of soda will. But the effects of excessive soda drinking are not pretty, so we advise you to stick to other ways.


Stick to Weight Loss Supplements

First things first, we are not encouraging you to take any weight loss pills if you already don’t have them. But if you do have weight loss supplements, you should know that these pills already contain some caffeine. These pills help to boost metabolism, which eliminates the need for drinking brew.


Migraine Pills

Coffee could be a cure for migraines for some of us. OTC or prescribed migraine medicines contain caffeine. Still, we are not recommending taking a pill to get rid of the tiredness. Also, if you don’t want caffeine even a little bit just try doing something else.


Eating Dark Chocolate

Maybe the only one thing you considered looking into is chocolate. Only 9 mg of caffeine is found in most regular chocolate bars, try switching to dark chocolate to double the amount with 18 mg of caffeine. 18 mg is less than coffee. We recommend keeping chocolate a booster for the afternoon instead of the morning because of the low caffeine amount.


Drinking Tea

If you want a hot drink that wakes you up in the morning, try turning to tea. Consuming black tea will provide 80 milligrams of caffeine, whereas Matcha will provide 30 milligrams and green tea 25 milligrams.


Caffeine Patches or Pills

If you don’t want to consume caffeine through drinkables but still want the same results and kick, try going for a caffeine pill or patch. Some patches will give around 65 milligrams of caffeine, just like a cup of brew (depending on type and brand.) Whereas caffeine pills will contain up to 200 mg of caffeine. Be sure not to consume more of these pills for safety.


Taking Cold Shower

If not coffee, then a cold freezing shower will get the job done. Shut your alarm and hop into the cold shower to get up on the spot.


Eating Guarana

A native fruit of South America is a caffeine source. Guarana is hard to get in some parts. However, you can get Guarana seed which contains 47 mg of caffeine per gram. Or buy Guarana extract having up to 90-200 milligrams of caffeine. You can find these on internet stores or in a specialty retailer.



This was it! Now you know more ways to wake up without coffee than ever before. Drinking coffee is a great way of getting up to your feet, but sometimes you want a little change. Try experimenting with these different methods and see which works for you the best. Feel free to try other caffeinated food to boost your brain, but be sure not to exceed the amount recommended by the professionals.


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