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How to Remove Hard Water Deposits From Your Coffee Pot?

It feels great to notice the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, especially when taking it for breakfast before rushing out to your place of work. Coffee pots are a key part of the morning routine of coffee lovers. However, many coffee lovers hardly notice the pot. It doesn’t get a lot of attention when cleaning utensils.

coffee pot hard water deposits

If you want to keep your coffee maker running optimally, then you must take good care of the coffee machine pot. There’re several things that may affect the performance of your coffee maker and spoil the taste of your coffee brews, including caked coffee grounds, oily residue, and hard water deposits in the pot. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to clean your coffee pot. All you need to do is to use the right cleaner and follow the appropriate cleaning process.

Cleaning a Coffee Maker with Lemon Juice

The interior of your coffee pot may develop deposits of old coffee over time. The deposits will eventually stain the pot, be it a metal or glass pot. Rinsing the pot with water after brewing coffee may not always dissolve the stains on the interior surface of the pot. You can use lemon juice to break down and dissolve the oils stuck in the pot.

You can buy premade lemon juice in bottles. Alternatively, you can make lemon juice by squeezing some fresh lemons. Mix water and lemon juice in equal parts (half cup each) and pour the mixture into the water reservoir. Allow the solution to sit in the reservoir for around 15 minutes. Once done, run the appliance to break down mineral deposits and residue oils.

If you’ve made lemon juice from lemons, don’t throw away the rinds. Put the rinds into the pot and add salt (1 tablespoon) into the pot. Run the appliance with plain water. That way, you’ll have a sparkling clean pot. You can run the appliance again with plain water to rinse any lemon that may be left behind. Remnant lemon may interfere with the taste of your next brew.

Cleaning Your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best coffee pot cleaners. You probably have it in your kitchen. If not, it’s easy to find it from the nearest household store. Besides, vinegar is affordable and removes mineral deposits from the pot quite quickly. To clean the pot with vinegar, add some cups of white or apple cedar vinegar into the reservoir. Next, run the machine for one cycle.

Although vinegar cleans the pot quickly and thoroughly, it leaves a strong odor. Thus, it’ll help to rinse the pot thoroughly with soapy water after cleaning it with vinegar. That way, any remnant vinegar odor will be cleared. Next, run the appliance with plain water to rinse the soapy water and wipe the burner with a clean cloth after cooling down.

Cleaning the Pot with Ice Cubes and Salt

It’s easy and affordable to clean your coffee pot with table salt and ice cubes. They work by dissolving oils and stains from both metal and glass coffee pots. In this case, put some salt into the coffee pot until it forms a layer. Add ice cubes until they cover the salt. Mix the salt and ice cubes by swirling the pot. As the ice melts due to the presence of salt, it’ll scour the interior surface gently, thereby clearing coffee oils and stains from the pot. Once done, rinse the pot thoroughly.


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