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How to Remove Coffee Stains From White Clothes

With our hectic lifestyles, it’s no surprise that we often spill coffee on ourselves. You know the feeling – you wake up early and have to rush out the door, only for your morning cup of joe to end up all over your favorite white shirt! But never fear – there are a few tried-and-true methods for getting rid of those pesky coffee stains. Here’s how to remove coffee stains from white clothes:

coffee stains white shirt

#1- Use Club Soda

Club Soda is a fast and efficient way to combat small stains. Soak the stained cloth with some club soda, then carefully blot the spot with a paper towel until it’s gone. Afterwards, hang up your garment to let it air dry and chuck it into the washer soonest possible.


#2- Blot Small Stains with dish soap and white vinegar

Don’t sweat it if you can’t seem to get rid of that nasty stain! There’s a super easy DIY solution: mix up warm water, dish soap and one tablespoon (or 15ml) of white vinegar. Don’t use any other type – only white will do the trick. Let that sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water and hanging it out to dry.

For tougher stains, submerge your shirt in a three-to-one concoction made from white vinegar diluted by cold water overnight – you won’t be disappointed! As an alternative, wet a cloth or paper towel with pure white vinegar and dab away until the mark is gone – guaranteed success! And once those marks are removed make sure, the cloth goes through your regular wash cycle ASAP so the stains are never seen again!


#3- Use a paper towel to dab large, fresh spills

When you accidentally spill something on your shirt, paper towels can be an absolute lifesaver! They’re perfect for soaking up excess liquid from small spills like coffee or soda – just grab a few fresh ones and gently dab at the stain until all of the moisture is gone.

Avoid pressing too hard though because that could drive the beverage deeper into the fabric and make things even worse! And if one towel gets saturated, switch it out with another so you don’t end up making matters worse.

Cleaning stains doesn’t have to be difficult – paper towels are here to save us in those sticky situations and help us stay looking sharp no matter what life throws our way!


#4- How to remove coffee stains from white clothes with cold water.

Act fast if you want to save your shirt! If you can take it off, do that – it’ll make the process a lot easier. But don’t worry if that’s not an option right now. Get some cold water flowing over the stain and keep dabbing with a cloth or sponge until all traces of coffee are gone. Remember: hot water will only set the stain in forever, so go for cold! Plus, just think of how ‘cool’ (pun intended) it would be to show up at your next Zoom call without any coffee stains on your shirt – totally worth trying out this hack!


#5- Pretreat the stained spot with some liquid laundry detergent and machine wash

Rub the laundry detergent into the stain with vigor and let it sit for a solid 3-5 minutes. To give your cleaning efforts an extra boost, use a pretreatment product specially designed to tackle pesky stains – but don’t sweat it if you don’t have one on hand; regular liquid detergent will do the trick too! Make sure to work up a good lather by giving that stain some serious elbow grease. This should help loosen its grip before running through a normal wash cycle.

If all you’ve got is powdered soap, just add equal parts powder and water together until it forms an effective paste. Then slather it over the unsightly blemish.

No matter how badly stained your white shirt is, don’t reach for the hottest temperature on your washing machine. That could easily make the stain permanent. Instead, adjust the settings to use cold water and a normal cycle—the same one you usually use for whites—then toss it in with some detergent (oxygen bleach if you have any). It’s totally cool to wash this piece solo or with other light-colored items. Just remember: hot water isn’t going to do anything but set that stain permanently!


#6- Remove older stains with some chlorine bleach.

Bleach can be a great way to treat stubborn stains on natural fabrics like cotton and linen. To make the most of it, mix 1/4 cup (or 60 ml) of chlorine bleach with 1 gallon (or 946 ml) of water in a bucket or basin and submerge your shirt for five minutes – letting it soak up all that stain-fighting power!

And if you’re feeling extra brave, throw caution to the wind and launder your garment with bleach by adding a cap full into the washing machine as it fills with cold H20.

But don’t forget: if coffee has been messing up your spandex, silk, wool, leather, mohair items, then take them straight away to the dry cleaner! And whatever happens – try not to chuck that garment into the tumble dryer until you’re 100% certain that all traces of those pesky stains have gone for good.