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How to Make Rüdesheimer Coffee?

Tea, coffee, wine, whiskey, vodka, fruit juice, and ice cream. These are some of the many drinks we as humans enjoy from time to time. As time went on and we evolved in the world of wine and dining, connoisseurs gave birth to mocktails and cocktails, all in search of a higher-grade taste, something new and refreshing. Rüdesheimer is one sort of exciting innovation. This beverage combines your regular cup of joe and alcohol—the best drinks of day and nightlife. Read on to learn how to make Rüdesheimer coffee.

Rüdesheimer coffee

About Rüdesheimer Coffee

Rüdesheimer coffee or Rüdesheimer kaffee is an alcoholic coffee beverage originating from Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany. This unique drink was invented in 1957 by a German television chef named Hans Karl Adam. The drink is named after the town it originated from. This mixed Alcoholic coffee is served hot and standardly in an Irish coffee mug.

While some claim that the beverage is somewhat forgotten, it’s usually served as a popular menu option in coffeehouses. Rüdesheimer coffee is a sweet Alcoholic beverage with whipped cream and chocolate toppings. This drink is a traditional specialty and, as such, is only found in specific locations globally. Rüdesheim is home to people with a refined palate as it’s in Germany, a wine country. As a result, the coffee made in the location is extraordinary.

While coffee isn’t grown in such high latitudes, the town has access to some of the best sources globally. At Rüdesheim, all that’s needed to make Alcoholic coffee is to get high-quality Arabica coffee beans, then blend with brandy with finesse. Speaking of brandy, this might be the most challenging ingredient to procure. While Asbach Uralt brandy isn’t easy to get, it’s popular in Germany and a requirement for making Rüdesheimer Kaffee.


How to Make Rüdesheimer Coffee

Here’s a procedure to make Rüdesheimer Coffee, especially at home. But first, here is a list of things you’ll need.

  1. Sugar cubes. Three cubes are fine.
  2. 1.5 ounces of Asbach Uralt German brandy or any other dry brandy if you can’t get the former.
  3. Cooking torch.
  4. Heat-resistant mugs and long stainless steel sptorch.
  5. Four ounces of hot strong espresso coffee.
  6. Two tablespoons of whipped coffee.
  7. Two tablespoons of chocolate shavings or powdered chocolate or cocoa.

Now for the procedure;

  • First, put the ice cubes into two heat-resistant mugs.
  • Next, pour in the brandy.
  • Using a cooking torch or a lighter, set a flame onto the brandy.
  • Mix carefully with a stainless steel spoon while crushing the sugar cubes to dissolve.
  • Let the flames go on for about a minute.
  • Pour the hot espresso coffee into the mug, which should also kill the flame.
  • Add the whipped cream to the mug. It would be best if you prepared your sweetened vanilla whipped cream beforehand, then transfer it into the cup and finally,
  • Garnish with your chocolate shavings or powdered cocoa. Shaving your dark chocolate onto the mug directly is more straightforward than shaving beforehand.

You might want to keep some other things in mind while trying out this recipe. Feel free to substitute another dry brandy for the Asbach Uralt brandy if you can’t get one. Take caution when you’re about to light a flame on the brandy and sugar mixture, don’t overlook it. Alternatively, you can extinguish the flame by placing a plate over the mug after a minute with the flame still on. Pour the coffee afterwards.

You could also warm the brandy before pouring it into the mug. Some prefer to microwave it swiftly or dip it in hot water. While Rüdesheimer is popularly served hot, like regular coffee, you can also have it iced. For instance, on a warm day in July, you only need to tweak the recipe a bit and get yourself an iced Rüdesheimer drink.

The iced version also packs a punch, just like the hot version. Instead of sugar cubes, pour the Asbach Uralt brandy over Vanilla ice cream to tweak the recipe. Then pour in cold espresso coffee and top it with whipped cream and powdered cocoa or chocolate shavings. You can find the Asbach Uralt brandy at online stores like and



Rüdesheimer Coffee can either be enjoyed hot or cold. If you’re a fan of cocktails and coffee, this is a great choice. While it’s unfortunate that the original brandy isn’t available in specific locations like the United States, you can try other dry brandy if you can’t use the online stores. Be sure to try out this unique beverage, and as always, drink responsibly.



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