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How to Make Handmade Coffee?

These days coffee machines are everywhere. There was a time when filter coffee makers were all the rage.

Now coffee pod machines like the Keurig are in vogue. They ease the coffee-making process.

Despite these coffee inventions, there are people who prefer the old-fashioned methods of making coffee.

A time when we made coffee by hand with very few ingredients and in the shortest time possible.

There are some people who confuse handmade coffee with handcrafted coffee.

An example is Frappuccinos which are complex coffee drinks painstakingly made with different flavorings and toppings.

Handmade coffee is made with very little fanfare. Here is some information about it.

handmade coffee

What is Handmade Coffee?

As the name suggests, handmade coffee is made by hand using traditional coffee-making tools and methods instead of automatic coffee-making appliances.

The main concept behind handmade coffee making is using few ingredients to manually make coffee beverages.

These are three-ingredient coffees made from coffee grounds and hot water with a splash of half and half that you can have with or without sugar.

Handmade coffee is easy to make at home. It is fun, especially if you appreciate the art of experimenting with coffee grounds and water temperatures to extract the maximum flavor from your coffee beans.

Once you get the technique to make your coffee taste just right, preparing your morning cup of coffee will be a breeze.


Benefits of Handmade Coffee

Why would you make coffee by hand when there is a coffee machine to ease the process?

Although it sounds unbelievable, there is a demographic of coffee drinkers that prefer to make their coffee the traditional way.

Preparing coffee by hand is inexpensive and straightforward. You can also make everything from scratch, guaranteeing that your coffee is made with the freshest ingredients.

Experts also say that brewing coffee by hand is better than automatic coffee making because the ingredients used are full of natural antioxidants and flavor.

There are no pre-packaged coffees, creamers, or sweeteners with chemical preservatives in these coffees.

Preparing coffee by hand is also soothing, especially if you appreciate each part of the process, such as grinding the coffee beans or frothing milk.

You are always in complete control of your coffee-making process when making handmade coffee.


Disadvantages of Preparing Handmade Coffee

Although making handmade coffee is preferred by many people, it has its drawbacks.

One is that it takes unnecessary time and effort, especially when preparing coffee for many people.

Automatic coffee makers ease the process of preparing coffee for a group of people. You can make 6 cups of perfect coffee in minutes using pre-packaged single-serve coffee containers.

It makes it so easy to prepare any coffee you like at the touch of a button. Doing the same by hand would take a lot of time and effort.

Making handmade coffee results in spills. There are always spots of coffee or coffee grounds on the kitchen counter and coffee equipment to clean.

You also risk burning yourself or breaking items during manual coffee-making as you handle different coffee-making devices.

Many people have been scalded by hot water or milk when manually preparing their coffee.

Despite these disadvantages, some people still prefer to make handmade coffee. It’s easy to do and saves money.

You don’t have to think of buying automatic coffee-making appliances. A saucepan and sieve are enough to make a cup of coffee.

Here are directions on how to make this type of coffee at home.


How to Make Handmade Coffee in a Saucepan


  • Coffee grounds
  • 300 ml water
  • sugar
  • milk
  • strainer
  • coffee mug


  1. Pour the coffee grounds into a saucepan and add water.
  2. Place the saucepan on the stove and bring the water to a boil on medium heat.
  3. Let the coffee boil for about two minutes as you stir the grounds.
  4. Strain the coffee into a mug, add milk and sugar, and enjoy it with a cookie or cake.



Now that you know how to make handmade coffee, do you prefer it over the automatic coffee-making process?

Coffee enthusiasts who love to experiment with different coffee-making processes, and coffee beans, enjoy making handmade coffee.

Still, many more people are buying automatic coffee makers to ease their coffee brewing process.

At the end of the day, the choice between these two coffee-making methods can only be made by considering your coffee preferences and the time you have to prepare coffee.


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