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How to Make Diner Coffee?

If you travel a lot or have no time to cook breakfast in the morning, you may go to diners a lot. And one of the items you and other people at the diner will order is coffee.

Coffee is probably the most popular beverage in diners. Not only because most people prefer coffee over tea but because diner coffee is cheap.

Diner coffee in places such as Waffle House also has a distinct taste that sets it apart from the coffee you get at cafes such as Starbucks. You may wonder why?


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What Makes Dinner Coffee Special?

1. The Caffeine Content

Diner coffee is usually low in caffeine with a pronounced bitter taste that some people like.

Its bitterness is due to the coffee beans used to make it, which are usually dark roasts. They are primarily cheap robusta or blended beans with a unique flavor.

However, you can’t blame diners for brewing weak coffee because they serve many customers in a day.

It explains why we all add lots of creamer and sugar to diner coffee whenever we buy it.

Whatever the case, diner coffee meets the requirements of coffee drinkers on the go, which is affordable, hot coffee with just enough caffeine to give you a boost.

2. The Flavor

You can never pinpoint the exact flavor of diner coffee because it’s made from a mixture of coffee beans.

That unique flavor sets it apart from the coffee in specialty cafes that’s made from single origin variety beans.

Many diners use a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans. The Arabica beans contribute to the much-needed caffeine content in the brew, while the Robusta beans give it a nutty, chocolatey, bitter flavor.

These qualities, combined with any added flavors from other varieties of coffee beans, give diner coffee an unforgettable taste.


How to Make Dinner Coffee at Home?

We can all agree that diner coffee is not the best. But it meets our caffeine requirements until we get home and brew a decent cup of coffee. How do you do that?

Here’s what you need to make your version of good diner-style coffee from home.


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1. The Right Type of Coffee Beans

Diner coffee is brewed for many customers who often take more than one cup or two. Therefore, these establishments have to buy the cheapest coffee grounds they can find.

You can do better by sourcing better coffee beans. The best brands come from South America, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Some great examples are Sumatra coffee, Kenya AA coffee, and Ethiopian Harrar coffee.

The kind of roast you use also matters. Medium to light roast coffee contains less acid and more caffeine than dark roast coffee. That’s the best coffee for people who like coffee that’s high in caffeine.

However, Espresso drinkers and people that value dark, rich coffee can go for dark roasts such as French roast coffee.

2. Fresh Coffee Grounds

It goes without saying that freshly roasted coffee beans make the best coffee. Therefore, always buy a fresh bag of beans and store them in a tight container. That will assure you of the best flavors when brewing your coffee.

The grind of your coffee beans also matters. Coarse coffee grounds do not release as much flavor as fine coffee grounds.

If you want strong coffee, use medium to fine coffee grounds, But if you prefer lightly flavored coffee choose coarse coffee grounds. Espresso drinkers should use fine coffee grounds.

3. Clean Water at The Right Temperature

The type of water you use to brew your coffee also matters. The higher the amount of minerals in your water, the more flavor you will get in your coffee.

Tap water is a good option but watch out for the build-up of residue in your coffee maker.

You may use filtered or distilled water, but it won’t add anything to your coffee. However, it’s the best option when your tap water cannot be trusted.

Also, ensure your coffee brewing water is hot enough to make a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

The best temperature of water to use when making coffee is 96 degrees celsius. That will bring out the authentic flavors of your coffee without burning the grounds.

4. Proper Extraction Process

Your coffee extraction process will determine how much flavor you get in your coffee.

The best coffee is made by blooming coffee grounds first and slowly pouring hot water through them.

Pour-over coffee brewing and drip coffee brewing are the most suitable coffee-making methods.

Whichever option you choose, you must ensure the water soaks into the coffee grounds to get most of the coffee flavors out.

The correct coffee ground ratio to use is 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every six ounces of water.

Also, clean your equipment thoroughly before you brew your coffee. A build-up of oils and water residue in a coffee maker or filter can spoil the taste of your coffee.


How to Brew Diner-Style Coffee at Home

Now that you know what you need to brew diner-style coffee, it’s time to make your own.

Focus on the three aspects that make diner coffee stand out: temperature, flavor, and caffeine content.

That means aiming for a better version of it, which is hot coffee, with an average amount of caffeine and a distinct flavor. The type of coffee you need on an exhausting day when all you can think of is a caffeine kick!


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Diner Coffee Recipe


– 2 Tbsp of medium grind coffee grounds

– 6 oz of water

– A pour-over coffee maker


  1. Scoop the coffee grounds into the filter of your pour-over coffee maker.
  2. Drip hot water over them to bloom the grounds.
  3. Once the grounds are saturated, slowly pour water over them to extract the coffee.
  4. Serve your coffee in a warm mug with creamer or sugar.

If you prefer to immerse your coffee grounds in water, use a French Press to make your diner coffee using the same ingredients. Here’s how;

  1. Boil the coffee water until it gets to 95 degrees celsius.
  2. Scoop the coffee grounds into your French Press and saturate them with hot water.
  3. Let the coffee grounds steep for up to 3 minutes.
  4. Push the French Press plunger down to separate the grounds from the coffee.
  5. Serve your coffee in a warmed mug.



Two things can be said of diner coffee when all is said and done. It’s always hot and low in caffeine.

These are the factors to consider when brewing a better version of diner coffee at home. Make yours hot with a good quantity of caffeine and distinct rich flavors.

We’ve given you some suggestions on making your coffee taste better. Try them, and you’ll never have to drink diner coffee again.


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