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How to Dye Carpet Bleach Stains with Coffee?

It’s possible to dye bleach spots on carpet fiber to a color that matches coffee stains. Removing severe stains from the carpet or spilling bleach on the carpet can leave a white spot on the carpet.

Rather than struggling with an ugly carpet or replacing the carpet, you can simply spray the white spots with coffee to stain it into a chocolate brown or beige color.


coffee beans ground in a cup


It’ll all depend on your preferences. Simply make coffee dye at home and stain the carpet with the dye to make bleach spots on your carpet less noticeable.


Step 1

Make two cups of concentrated coffee. In this case, use more ground beans than what the coffee machine manufacturer recommends when brewing the coffee.

Don’t use flavored coffee for this process as it tends to leave the carpet with a stronger and more persistent scent than pure coffee.


Step 2

Add salt (1 tablespoon) and the coffee you’ve brewed into a spray bottle. Preferably, choose a spray bottle whose nozzle is adjustable. Once you’ve added salt and coffee, close the lid.

Salt allows the carpet fiber to absorb coffee more easily and retain the color for a longer period. Lay some towels on the areas you don’t want to get stained by coffee when spraying.


Step 3

Start spraying the salt and coffee mixture on the bleached carpet area. Spray it evenly. Once done, give the dye about 20 minutes to dry after every application.

Illuminate the area with enough light to check whether the color is as dark as you want. Continue spraying the dye in thin coats until the carpet gets the color you want.


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