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How to Clean Coffee Makers with Baking Soda

The first few cups of coffee you brew from your newly bought coffee maker are fulfilling and rich. However, after making several brews, impurities and oils may build up within the coffee maker. The buildup may alter your favorite coffee brews by introducing odd tastes and smells.

Cleaning your coffee maker often can assist in keeping your coffee brew tasting great. Running it with pure hot water can’t clean it thoroughly. Removing mineral deposits resulting from hard water and stubborn oily residues requires more thorough cleaning.


cleaning a coffee maker


What’s The Importance of Cleaning Coffee Makers?

Coffee makers that run several times weekly require thorough cleaning every month. Any impurities in bottled or tap water may form deposits.

Eventually, the deposits will build up in the machine and affect its functionality. The natural oils in coffee beans cling onto the filter basket and carafe after making a brew.

Any dampness within the coffee maker tubing and the reservoir can attract mold and bacteria. However, flushing the machine with hot water won’t kill much of the bacteria or remove the oil build up.

The carafe and coffee maker requires an effective acidic cleaner comprising natural ingredients to remove impurities and stains gently.


How to Use Baking Soda to Clean a Carafe

One of the best solutions for eliminating odors and stains is using baking soda. When combined with apple cider or white vinegar and lemons, baking soda will clean and disinfect a carafe thoroughly.

Baking soda scrubs the carafe to remove natural oils and other deposits naturally. It’s suitable for cleaning the exterior and interior of a coffee pot.

It’s recommended to sprinkle some baking soda on the pot’s bottom area and use a clean nylon sponge to scrub it before rinsing it. Doing this will eliminate any build up.


Natural Cleaning Solutions for a Coffee Maker

There’re several natural techniques for cleaning a carafe and coffee maker. These natural techniques use household items that are both effective and affordable.

For instance, you can clean your coffee maker and carafe by adding approximately 6 cups of warm water and apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon for minor stains or 2 tablespoons for stubborn stains).

Run the coffee machine to clean it with the solution thoroughly. Once done, flush it with water at least two times.

You can also use lemon juice to clean your coffee maker. To do this, pour a layer of salt into the carafe. Add some pieces of cut lemon into the pot.

Each lemon should be cut into at least four pieces. Swish the lemons around the carafe and allow them to sit overnight. Once done, rinse the carafe. Allow it to air dry before using it to brew coffee.

You can also use lemon juice concentrate made from fresh lemons to clean a coffee machine. To do this, mix lemon juice concentrate and lukewarm water in equal parts.

Pour the mixture into the coffee machine. Allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes. Then run the machine. Once done, rinse it and run it with water before making your next brew.


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