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How Much Water To Use Per Coffee Pod?

If you enjoy using coffee machines, you’ve probably looked at a couple of coffee pod machines. You may even own one.

Coffee pods, also referred to as coffee capsules, are quite popular these days. Nespresso is said to manufacture 14 billion coffee pods a year. They’ve come a long way from 1986 when Nespresso launched its first coffee pod.

coffee pods placed on top of coffee beans

The idea to make coffee pods came from Eric Favre, a Nestlé engineer, after a visit to an Espresso bar in Italy.

He observed how the Baristas brewed their Espresso and decided to create a machine that simplified the process. It involved the use of coffee capsules to brew a coffee drink with a rich layer of crema.

From there, Nespresso continued to market and improve its capsules or coffee pod machines, increasing their popularity.

Today, other coffee companies create coffee pods, and there is a wide selection to choose from in the grocery stores.

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you probably use coffee pods once in a while to brew your coffee.


What Are Coffee Pods?

Coffee pods are circular paper containers with about 7 gms of roasted coffee grounds that are used to make a single serving of coffee.

Brewing coffee using a coffee pod is as easy as popping the pod into a coffee maker filter and pressing the brew button. You’ll have a rich brew within minutes.

You don’t have to worry about measuring tablespoons of coffee into your coffee machine or fiddling with filters when using coffee pods.

There is also no need to wonder about the right grind of coffee for your brew. Coffee pods are pre-packed with the kind of coffee you want in the perfect quantity.

You can get a capsule or coffee pod for every type of coffee, including lattes, Americanos, and Espressos. There are also flavored ones, such as the Keurig flavored coffee pods collection.

It contains pods from brands such as Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, and the Donut Shop. Some popular flavors are Butter toffee coffee pods and nutty caramel coffee pods. Coffee pods make the life of coffee drinkers more interesting!

Once you master how much water to use per coffee pod,, you can brew a high-quality cup of coffee anytime from the comfort of your home. It will save you lots of money that you would otherwise spend in the coffee shops.

coffee cup with pods on rustic table

The Right Amount of Water to Use per Coffee Pod


All coffee pods contain about the same amount of coffee grounds, but the amount of water we use to brew them depends on us. How much water do we use per pod?

There is a golden ratio that expert coffee brewers use when making coffee. It says you should use 17.42 units of water to brew 1 unit of coffee.

That translates to 1 or 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 – 8 ounces of water. It’s up to you to make your coffee stronger or weaker by adjusting the ratio accordingly.

While you may use the golden ratio (which is a general ratio)to brew coffee using pods, it’s best to use one specifically for coffee pods.

Coffee pod experts recommend using 1 coffee pod or capsule to brew about 4 oz of coffee. Most coffee machines allow you to brew 6 -12 oz of coffee from each pod.

It’s best to stick to the recommended capsule to water ratio to get a flavorful and rich cup of coffee from your pod. Running extra water through your coffee pod will result in an astringent cup of coffee.

However, you can use a higher concentration of water to coffee pod ratio depending on the type of coffee you’re brewing. For example, when making an Americano.


How to Adjust Your Water to Coffee Pod Ratio

Each coffee pod coffee machine comes with settings for brewing a cup of coffee from a pod. Nespresso machines usually brew 40 ml – 70 ml of Espresso from a capsule. You can pick the amount of Espresso you desire by adjusting the volume setting in your Nespresso machine.

You’ll find that coffee pod machines make it easy for you to determine how much water to use per coffee pod, when brewing your coffee. They are programmed to read the barcode on a pod and dispense the right amount of water per pod.

However, that may depend on the coffee machines you are using. It’s a good idea to invest in the kind of coffee pod coffee machine that has the features you need to make an excellent cup of coffee. Here are some ideas.


Different Types of Coffee Pod Machines

coffee pod machine 1

You may choose a coffee pod machine based on the brew you like such as one to brew Espresso like the Nespresso Vertuo machine.

There are also machines that brew different coffees such as the Lavazza Idola coffee pod machine that brews coffee in four sizes. It can brew a basic Espresso shot, a long black coffee, a long espresso (a Lungo) or a free dose beverage, depending on the size of your coffee mug.

Some coffee-pod machines also come with different barista-style features such as the option to steam and froth milk when brewing lattes and cappuccinos. A good example is the Nespresso Creatista Uno which you can use to brew Espressos, Ristrettos, Lungos, Cappuccinos, and Lattes.

And when it comes to determining the water-to-coffee pod ratio, some machines are made to brew standardized coffees, while others allow you to personalize your coffee. You can use the latter to make larger servings of coffee than usual and even determine the potency.

A good example is the Nespresso Vertuo coffee pod machine that takes large Vertuo pods. With such a machine, you don’t have to worry about the water-per-coffee pod ratio. Just brew your coffee and pour the desired quantity into your cup of choice.

You may be uncomfortable about sticking to one type of coffee pod. Well, there are coffee pod machines like the L’Or coffee pod machine that you can use to brew coffee using third-party coffee pods. It’s compatible with L’Or Espresso capsules and most Nespresso capsules.

Overall, coffee pod machines are here to make your life easier. There are even compostable coffee pods, for those who care about conserving the environment. Feel free to explore the many coffee pod brands in the market until you find one that’s right for you.



That’s some information on how much water to use per coffee pod when brewing your cup of joe. If you’ve never tried a coffee pod machine before, maybe it’s time you tried one. After a few sessions of brewing coffee with it, you may come up with your preferred coffee to water ratio, depending on your taste.

However, we recommend not using more than 5-7 ounces of water per coffee pod. That will enable you to appreciate the flavors of your coffee.

In the case of Espressos, a pod calls for 40 ml of water. But you can adjust it up to 70 ml using your coffee machine settings.

If all this sounds confusing, don’t worry. You can always follow your machine instructions for guidance. Each coffee machine allows you to calibrate the volume of water per coffee pod according to your preference. With such convenience you’ll never have to wonder how much water to use per coffee pod.