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How Much Coffee Should You Put In a Cafetiere?

The cafetiere is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods. It is loved for its affordability, simplicity, and ability to brew a tasty cup of joe. Besides, it can make several cups of coffee at a go. You do not need any power to run it. It works manually. The cafetiere is commonly known as the French press. So how much coffee should you put in a cafetiere? Continue reading to find out.

cafetiere coffee

What Grind Size Should You Use In a Cafetiere?

Before we discuss the amount of ground coffee to put in a cafeteria, it will help to know the proper grind size and roast to use. Essentially, the consistency of coffee grounds matters a lot when using this coffee maker. A cafetiere works best with coarsely ground coffee. The reason is that the cafetiere comes with a mesh filter, and coarse grounds cannot pass through the mesh. 

Rather than buying pre-ground coffee, grind your coffee beans at home. Preferably, use a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder for consistency. Also, grind your coffee beans just before brewing for the best-tasting cafetiere coffee. Grinding coffee beans just before brewing ensures your brew gets a fresh, intense taste and maximum aroma. 


What Coffee Roast Should You Use In a Cafetiere?

medium-dark roast

Although you can use any roast to brew coffee in a cafetiere, it works best with a medium-dark roast. In this roast, coffee oils cover the surface of the beans due to more intense heating. Since a cafetiere does not use a paper filter, the oils will find their way into your cup to give it a rich, robust flavor.


How Much Coffee Should You Put In a Cafetiere?

The rule of thumb is to use 1 tbsp (7g or 1 scoop) of ground coffee per cup of coffee or 125ml water. You can start by weighing your ground coffee for accurate results. You can brew one cup to test. Then taste your coffee. Adjust the ratio in future brews if you prefer it stronger or weaker.


How to Make Cafetiere Coffee

Now that you know the amount of coffee to put in your cafetiere, it will also help to learn how to use this coffee maker. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1- Clean the cafeteria before brewing coffee. Reusing it without cleaning may introduce a muddy or old taste to your coffee.

Step 2- Weigh enough ground coffee. One tablespoon of ground coffee per cup of coffee is enough. For instance, if you want to make 3 cups of coffee, you will add 3 tbsps of ground coffee.

Step 3- Add the ground coffee to the base of the carafe.

Step 4- Boil water in a kettle. Remember to use 125ml hot water per cup of coffee you want to brew. Once boiled, allow it to cool down for about a minute.

Step 5- Pour half of the hot water over the grounds. Stir the mixture with a spoon to ensure all the grounds are submerged in the water. Then top up with the remaining hot water. 

Step 6- Place the lid in place but do not plunge it down yet. Allow the brew to sit for 4 minutes.

Step 7- Plunge by pressing the handle down slowly and steadily. That way, the grounds will separate from the coffee. 

Step 8- Serve your coffee and enjoy.