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How Many Calories in Iced Coffee with Milk?

Although iced coffee is drunk all year long, iced coffee with milk is more popular during the summer season. Iced coffee with milk is a drink prepared with freshly brewed coffee, sweet simple syrup or sugar, 4% fat milk, and ice cubes. It gives a refreshing sensation to start a hot day.

iced coffee with milk calories

How Many Calories in Iced Coffee With Milk are you Consuming? 

A serving of 1 standard cup (6 fl oz) of iced coffee with milk contains 30 calories. They can be broken down as follows:

  • 92% carbs
  • 4% protein
  • 4% fat


Is Iced Coffee With Milk Healthy?

Coffee with milk has more calories than black coffee. Most people who are watching their weight prefer plain black coffee due to its almost zero calorie content. However, not everyone is interested in losing weight.

If you are not watching your weight, iced coffee with milk offers a great drink that can replace a proper meal. An ounce of whole milk gives you about 18 calories, which is sufficient to keep you energized before taking your next meal. Also, the milk increases satiety, such that you will avoid eating for a longer time.

If you do not like dairy and still want to make this coffee, you can use almond milk, soy milk, or skimmed milk in place of whole milk.



If you are trying to cut down your calorie intake, avoid adding dairy milk to iced coffee. However, you can add the aforementioned milk alternatives to keep your calorie intake low. Also, if you do not mind consuming milk, it will give your iced coffee extra nutrients and make you feel full for longer.