Does Flavored Coffee Break Ketosis?

Flavored coffee is a great drink that allows you to switch from the boredom of plain, black coffee. Flavored coffee, just like its name suggests, enhances the taste of coffee to make it more drinkable. It works by making coffee sweeter. However, if you are on a keto diet, you need to be wary of what you are consuming to avoid messing with the diet. Essentially, plain black coffee is known to be safe for a keto diet. But what about flavored coffee? Does flavored coffee break ketosis? Keep reading to find out.

flavored coffee ketosis

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis refers to a metabolic state whereby the body burns fat to generate energy instead of relying on glucose. Ketosis is achieved by undertaking a keto diet. It involves consuming very few carbs and replacing them with a high-fat diet. During ketosis, the body fails to get enough glucose to use as an energy source. As a result, it starts burning the stored fats, thereby leading to weight loss. It is important to follow the guidelines for a ketogenic diet strictly to enjoy its benefits.


Does Flavored Coffee Contain Calories?

To help you understand whether flavored coffee can break ketosis, it will help to know whether flavored coffee contains calories. You have to avoid carbs and calories during a keto diet. Thus, any drink or food that is high in calories can mess with your ketosis.

Essentially, not all flavored coffees are made the same. Some are made using flavor extracts or flavored oils that are added to coffee beans before roasting. Such flavored coffees do not contain any calories. However, some flavored coffees are made by adding flavored syrups after brewing. In this case, the syrups introduce sugars.

The calorie content of flavored coffee made with syrups may vary depending on the type of added sugar. A cup of plain black coffee contains about 3 calories. However, if you add flavored syrups, you may increase the calorie content by about 60 calories.

During ketosis, you need to avoid an insulin spike. If you are drinking flavored coffee made with flavored oils or extracts, you will not experience any significant insulin spike. However, if you consume flavored coffee made with sugary syrups, you will experience a significant insulin spike that will interfere with your ketosis. If you experience an insulin spike during ketosis, your body will store fat rather than burn it.


Does Flavored Coffee Break Ketosis?

You can drink flavored coffee during a ketogenic diet. However, ensure the flavored coffee does not contain significant calories. The flavored coffee should be made using coffee beans that were flavored with oils or extracts. Also, ensure there are no other extra ingredients added to the coffee after brewing. You can drink it just before breaking your fast or immediately after having your first meal of the day. That way, you will avoid unnecessary insulin spikes that may break ketosis.

However, if the coffee is flavored by adding syrups or creamers after brewing, then it can break ketosis. Syrups contain many calories that will lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. You can avoid messing with ketosis by sticking to plain, black coffee. If you must drink flavored coffee during a keto diet, then ensure it was made without any sugary additives.


Can Flavored Coffee Stop Autophagy?

Autophagy is a process where the body reuses damaged and old cell parts. As a result, the body cleans out any damaged cell parts. It helps balance sources of energy. Drinking plain, black coffee in limited amounts does not have any effect on autophagy. However, drinking flavored coffee made with syrups breaks the autophagy process.


Final Thoughts

Drinking flavored coffee during ketosis and intermittent fasting is not a bad idea as long as the drink does not contain added calories. Regardless, drink flavored coffee moderately when trying to cut weight or when following a strict fasting protocol such as a keto diet. To be on the safer side, only drink plain, black coffee since you are sure it does not contain any significant calories.




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