Does Drinking Coffee Affect the Sinuses?

The flavor that contains caffeine makes the coffee favorite for all. Drinking it awakes your brain and helps you to stay energetic for a short period. But can a couple of cups cause any reaction to our body? Well, not according to the Mayo Clinic, most people do not have any adverse reaction. Having an allergy to coffee can cause sinus issues.

coffee sinuses

Sometimes, people are just allergic to the natural components that coffee has. For instance, you might have noticed a running nose whenever you had your morning cup. If this is the case we recommend you to visit your personal doctor.


Lookout for Sinus Issues

First, let us see what exactly sinuses are. The air traveling through your lungs is passed by the sinuses, which are four hollows located beneath your skull. wrapped by thin tissues, having glands in them which produce mucous. These hollows are called the sinus.

When these glands swell because of sickness or allergies you get a runny nose or nasal congestion. The human body has a response to antigens like any normal bacteria or virus by increasing the production of mucous in the sinuses. Tissues are also swollen in this process.


Coffee Allergy Relation with Sinuses

Pathway of sinuses can contract if you have an allergy to coffee, drinking it, might cause this issue. The allergic reaction could be ranged from low to a high level according to The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. Usual running nose sneezes or paining near the sinuses are the symptoms that you might be having a mild level reaction.

But a high-level reaction is not a thing you can handle at home. You’ll need to rush to the emergency room soon because your breathing is compromised as your airways a closed by the reaction. OTC medicines can help handle the reaction temporarily but won’t cure the allergy.


Relation of Running Nose with Coffee

If a person experiences a watery nose after a cup of brew the reason could be because of the pre-stored sinus. It could be from a seasonal fever or a normal allergy. Drinking brew can either make things good or bad as the hot steam coming from your drink can open up the airway and reducing the inflammation of the sinuses.

Caffeine in coffee works as a vasoconstrictor can relieve the blood vessel near the nasal. Sometimes, eliminating complimentary coffee such as a type of milk or cinnamon can help reduce any reaction.


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated with a good amount of water is necessary while experiencing reactions to sinuses. According to the Cleveland, Clinic coffee has a diuretic effect on our body, which means it makes our body release/excrete more liquid out.

So, this means coffee can lead to dehydration, so consuming more water can as a result give your mucous membranes moisture to fight against any antigen.

According to Mayo Clinic, if you are experiencing a sinus issue for more than 10 days, or if you are sneezing green or yellow mucous or are experiencing pain in your sinus areas you should go and get some medical attention.


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