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Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

A huge number of Americans drink a minimum of one cup of brew each day. But have you noticed that even though a cup of brew can help you start your day by smiling but, it can affect your teeth?

Coffee Stain Your Teeth.

Your super white teeth are now starting to look yellow? Many hardcore coffee drinkers can relate to this. And of course, a bad smile can lead to low self-esteem. But there are some ways for those who want to protect their beautiful bright smile.

Changing the way of your morning habit of drinking coffee can help you stop it from dimming your smile or it might even help you prevent it in the future. But first, we shall look at why drinking brew can stain your pearls.


What Affects Teeth by Coffee?

Enamel which covers your teeth is one of the hardest tissues in the human body, but there are some pores on it. And when you drink brew the tannins in the drink get stuck into those pores creating a stain on your teeth. Drinking too much can lead to the removal of the enamel as coffee is quite acidic. Other beverages which contain tannins harmful for your teeth are res wine, black tea, etc.

Don’t worry drinking brew is not the most harmful thing for your teeth. Many other soft drinks or juices are more effective. So, drinking a hot cup of brew is not that bad to have in the early morning. Do you know coffee has a lot of antioxidants that help make your gums and teeth stronger? So now let’s check out exactly how to prevent these stains.


How to Remove Those Stains?

Change your drinking habits – Letting go of coffee is one way to achieve your goal, but we know it’s hard and so it is not necessary. Few things changing can get the job done. Casein which is found in milk attaches to the tannins and can actually help to prevent teeth staining. This study was found by The International of Dental Hygiene. You can add milk to other drinks as well which causes teeth from tannins. This shows just changing your daily habit of black drink to white can change a lot. Just keep in mind the milk needs to be animal milk as a non-dairy product might not contain casein.

Choosing the coffee type can also help. The more caffeine your drink has the more tannins it’s likely to have. So instead of going for a strong morning with an espresso or a Turkish brew, you can head towards a decaf or something with less caffeine.


The Way You Drink

Yes, even the way you drink counts. The more the coffee remains in your mouth the more tannins and teeth get in contact. You can try drinking by straw to avoid contact with teeth and tannins. It is a good option in summer when ice coffee is more popular.

Or you can start gulping your drink quickly, if you keep sipping on your beverage for hours it means the tannins have more time to do their job. This can help reduce the effect. Also, the more you drink the more chances of getting the stains. You can try limiting your coffee twice a day.

The last thing you can do is cleaning your teeth. Brushing your teeth can be the best option but it’s not possible to you to do it everywhere for example cafes and the workplace. What you can do is keep a mouth wash with you or simply gargle with some water to clean any residue remaining in your mouth.


How to Remove Existing Stains?

  • Oral Hygiene – Keeping your mouth clean is necessary for not only teeth staining but also for health. Brush regularly, brushing twice a day can help too. Flossing them is a good habit to eliminate any harmful residue. These methods will help reduce plaque. Use toothpaste for teeth whitening to block out any kinds of stains.
  • Visiting Your Dentist – Years old plaque or stains can be harder to remove without any professional help. So, visiting a dentist at least twice a year is recommended to everyone. They polish and use abrasion to deep clean your mouth which can give you the smile you desire.

Professional whitening – Normal methods can also help you clean the surface of your tooth, but going through a professional way can clean them deeper. Professional whitening is much handily instead of home kits for teeth whitening and other discoloration.

Bleach solutions like hydrogen peroxide are used in a general professional method used by a dentist. To active the hydrogen peroxides, a laser or a light is used. This process can take an hour or so depending upon the brand of the solution. Multiple treatments might be needed for people with different cases. Going to a dentist is the best method to remove stains as they are professional, it can also help to prevent any other harmful stains from the future. This is good for people who are worried about their oral hygiene. If you still are not sure about the process take your time and discuss your problem with professionals. Even though drinking your coffee can lead to teeth staining it does not mean you have to let go of it. Simple steps and precautions can solve the problem forever.


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