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Does Coffee Grounds Absorb Odors?

Coffee is a favorite beverage for many people. Many coffee lovers prefer it over other drinks due to its strong aroma and rich caffeine content. After brewing coffee, some people dispose of the used grounds in their compost pile while others throw them into the waste bin. There are many more ways of recycling coffee grounds. But does coffee grounds absorb odors? Read on to find out.

coffee ground in a wooden bowl

Do Coffee Grounds Absorb Smells?

Yes. Coffee grounds absorb smells. If you are struggling with bad smells in your home, you no longer have to use chemical air fresheners. Coffee grounds are an eco-friendly and quick way of masking a wide range of smells.

But how do coffee grounds absorb smells? Essentially, coffee grounds work as a filter that removes toxic gases from the air. Coffee comprises nitrogen among other compounds. It is nitrogen that absorbs sulfur. Sulfur is the gas linked to unbreathable smells and odors. By absorbing sulfur, nitrogen in coffee wards of strong smells.

Existing research studies have proven that coffee grounds are one of the most effective natural methods of masking odors. Although they do not destroy some odors completely, they overpower them and make them less noticeable.


Where to Place Coffee Grounds to Absorb Odors

There are several ways of utilizing coffee grounds to absorb unpleasant smells. Some of the most common ways to use coffee grounds to absorb smells include:

1. Eliminating refrigerator odors

Refrigerators often have food spills, liquid spills, fermented food, and dampness among other risk factors that cause smells. Eventually, these smells create a bad odor in the fridge. Sometimes, the smells persist even after cleaning the refrigerator.

You can get rid of refrigerator odors by putting a bowl containing coffee grounds or coffee beans in a corner of the refrigerator. The grounds will replace any food smells in your fridge. You can also place them in the freezer to absorb freezer smells.

2. Eliminating cooking pot smells

It feels frustrating to prepare a meal, only for it to absorb unwanted smells from the cooking pot. It may be onion, vinegar, or garlic smell from previous meals that did not come out completely after washing the pot. In this case, you can eliminate the smell by rubbing or brushing the cooking pot after cooking. That way, it will not introduce funny smells in the next meal.

3. Getting rid of drain smells

The drain carries numerous waste matters. Eventually, it may emit unpleasant odors. You can eliminate these odors with the help of coffee grounds. They work as a drain deodorizer. To remove smells from the drain with coffee grounds, pour a tablespoon of used coffee grounds down the bathroom or kitchen sink drain. Thereafter, pour boiling water down the drain. However, do not pour excessive coffee grounds down the drain as they can cause a clog. Only use coffee grounds once or twice a month to eliminate drain smells. Also, do not pour coffee grounds down a clogged drain as they may worsen the clog.

4. Car deodorizer

A good number of cars have smells of pet danger, food spills, and fast foods among other smells. These smells can make your car cabin feel quite uncomfortable. Rather than using a chemical car air freshener, place coffee grounds in a jar somewhere in your car to absorb unwanted smells.

5. Carpet deodorizer

While regular vacuuming removes dirt from the carpet, it is not fully effective to clear smells. You can use coffee grounds to absorb smells from the carpet. However, do not sprinkle wet coffee grounds on the carpet as they may stain it. First, dry the used coffee grounds in the oven. Then sprinkle them on the carpet. Allow them to do their magic and vacuum them. Repeat this process regularly to keep your carpet smelling fresh.



Does coffee grounds absorb odors? Yes, they do. The best thing about using coffee grounds to eliminate odors is that they are an affordable option. You will simply recycle used coffee grounds after brewing your morning cup of Joe. Also, you can use any type of coffee grounds. You do not have to buy an expensive blend.