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Can Coffee Beans Make You Lose Weight?

Losing weight seems to be a lot of people’s primary goals in recent times. We all want to improve our health, and losing excess weight is a huge factor. However, the weight loss process can be long as it requires consistency to keep it. People turn to all sorts of natural supplements to speed up their weight loss process, and somehow, green coffee beans got into the picture.

Can coffee beans help with weight loss? If yes, how can it be used? What are the effects of using coffee beans to lose weight? This article shall answer these questions and other things you need to know about using coffee beans for weight loss.

coffee beans and weight loss


Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are regular coffee beans that are entirely raw and yet to go through roasting. Although they can also make hot beverages like roasted coffees, their extract is mainly known as a dietary supplement.

A cup of green coffee drink has a milder flavour than roasted coffee and tastes like herbal tea. Its chemical profile is also different from that of roasted coffee beans. It contains potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that have a myriad of health benefits.


How to Use Green Coffee for Weight Loss

A review of human studies has shown that caffeine consumption can help reduce body weight, body fat and body mass index (BMI).

Green coffee beans are one of the most popular weight loss supplements people turn to achieve their goals. Scientists think the high amount of chlorogenic acids in coffee bean extract significantly affect anyone’s weight loss journey.

For effective weight loss, you can use green coffee in the following ways;

    1. Ground Coffee Beans

Look for the best pure green coffee beans you can get, Grind into powder and use to prepare coffee, as you would do with roasted coffee beans. However, it would help if you refrained from adding any form of artificial additives, as they contain carbohydrates and fats that can hinder your weight loss progress.

    2. Brew With Ginger

Ginger is also one of the ingredients that are in high demand for weight loss. Its antioxidant properties control free radicals that automatically help with your weight loss. A lot of people add it to their tea. Crush it, then add it to your coffee. Allow it to stay there for a minute before you strain and drink.

    3. Use With Cinnamon

Cinnamon has properties that can help improve metabolism, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, control cholesterol and boss insulin. All you need to do is to leave a single stick of cinnamon in a cup of water overnight, then make green tea with it the following morning.

    4. Use With Turmeric

Turmeric also contains some anti-inflammatory properties that aid weight loss, boost your metabolism and boost insulin levels which will help in your weight loss journey.

All you need to do is add turmeric powder to your coffee and let it steep for a few minutes before consumption.

    5. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves help detoxify the body with some weight loss properties. You can also add them to your green coffee for effective weight loss.


How Does it Work?

  • Curbs Hunger

Consuming green coffee keeps you full for a longer time, thereby preventing excessive eating.

  • Boosts Metabolism

Green coffee can boost your metabolism and reduce the release of glucose in your blood. The process allows your body to use excess fat stored in the body.

  • Burns Fat

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee increases fat burn enzymes in the body and stops the production of new fat cells in the body.

  • Low Sugar Absorption

  • Remove Toxins


Best Green Coffee for Weight Loss

There are different types of green coffee beans for weight loss in the market. So, it is normal for you to be confused about which to buy and use. Below are some green coffee beans rated adequate for weight loss.

  • Green coffee bean extract for weight loss supplement
  • Pure green coffee bean extract
  • AcaTtrim weight loss supplement
  • Weight loss slim green coffee
  • NatureWise green coffee bean
  • Natural Green coffee bean Formula


Green Coffee Side Effects

Excess caffeine is not suitable for the body. Just like roasted coffee beans, green coffee beans also have caffeine in them. However, caffeine in green coffee beans may slightly be more than that of roasted coffee beans because a small amount of caffeine gets lost during roasting.

As a result, green coffee beans should be taken in moderation to avoid;

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Jitteriness
  • Rapid heartbeat

People who have a coffee allergy should stay away from green coffee bean extract as a means of losing weight. Staying away also applies to pregnant or nursing women, children and people with kidney or liver diseases.

Generally, people who are sensitive to caffeine should ensure they read product labels before consuming them.

Most importantly, consult your healthcare provider before using green coffee beans for your weight loss goals.


Other Green Coffee Bean Benefits

  • Improves energy and mood
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Reduces bad cholesterol in the body
  • It helps prevent type 2 diabetes
  • It serves as a natural detox
  • It helps maintain healthy skin
  • Helps with acne-prone skin


FAQS About Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Which Coffee is Good for Weight Loss?

Coffee weighs low on calories. That is why most people turn to coffee to aid their weight loss and optimum health. Black coffee and green coffee are best for weight loss as they do not contain sugar that aids weight gain.

How Much Weight Can you Lose From Coffee Beans?

To get long-term weight loss, you need to adopt a consistently healthy lifestyle. Taking green coffee beans with thorough adherence to your Healthcare provider, alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet, will help your weight loss journey massively.

When Should I Take Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss?

Although you can take green coffee beans any time of the day, however, for the best results for your weight loss, you should consume them right after meals. Cultivating such a habit is because green coffee maintains sugar levels and prevents sudden spikes, which often accompany the carbohydrates and proteins consumed when eating.

Does Green Coffee Burn Fat?

A few studies have affirmed that green coffee helps weight loss when taken appropriately. This is because the chlorogenic acids in it help a great deal.

Is Green Coffee Good for Kidneys?

Generally, people with kidney diseases should always check with their Healthcare providers before implementing a new thing in their diet. If the kidney is not functioning at its total capacity, the risk of toxicity from a herbal supplement may make it worse.

Is Green Coffee Good for the Skin?

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans is also beneficial to the skin. It has antioxidants that can help slow aging, reduce rough texture, and reduce redness.

Is Green Coffee Beans Safe for Everyone?

Green coffee beans contain caffeine that may have side effects on people sensitive to caffeine. People who also have underlying health issues like kidney or liver diseases should refrain from taking green coffee. In addition, children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should stay away.


Final Words

Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans that are yet to go through roasting. Incorporating green coffee beans in your daily life can help your weight loss journey. You can decide to get it in sachet, powder or whole beans. Prepare according to instructions to maximise its full benefits and achieve your goal. However, its usage should be in moderation because excessive intake also has effects.


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