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Alkaline Coffee Health Benefits

There are so many people nowadays who want to keep their bodies fit and healthy. They exercise daily and follow certain diet plans to achieve their goal but their love for coffee has made it hard for them to do so. The existence of alkaline coffee has repressed their worries.

The PH level of coffee is normally around 5 on the PH scale but may vary depending on some factors like the addition of milk, water, or the brewing process.

The blood and tissues in the body maintain a slightly alkaline PH level which is between 7.2-7.4 while the digestive organs have acidic PH levels. There are mechanisms in the human body that help to keep a stable PH in the body.

Coffee is said to contain some essential elements which also play a part in regulating the body’s PH.

benefits of alkaline coffee 

What is Alkaline Coffee?

Alkaline coffee can be made from Arabica coffee beans, ginseng, or wheatgrass. Its caffeine content is extremely low compared to regular coffee and it has very high amounts of phytonutrients. It is a much healthier beverage.

Alkaline coffee is a type of coffee that contains little to no acidic contents, as opposed to regular coffee, and high alkaline properties which have certain benefits to the body.

Coffee has an acidic effect on the body so it’s not suitable for someone undergoing an alkaline diet, but then you’re still in need of your daily dose of coffee. What can you do? Although coffee is acidic, its PH level can be reduced to a more alkaline form by the addition of phytonutrients which are in the form of Phyto-alkaline powder and Complete Phyto-Energizer. The Phyto-alkaline powder neutralizes the acid in coffee and the Phyto-Energizer is a dense food concentrate containing natural compounds like vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids, etc. These two substances work together to enhance the alkalizing effects of coffee.


Benefits of Alkaline Coffee

  • Alkaline coffee lowers your cholesterol levels.
  • It protects your heart against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It controls your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • It prevents you from acquiring degenerative diseases like arthritis and arteriosclerosis.
  • It aids in skin rejuvenation.
  • It helps in body detoxification.
  • It reduces fatigue and relieves headache
  • It enhances blood circulation and regenerates the cell.
  • It improves your mental and visual activities.
  • It decreases the chances of getting type II diabetes.

jenny drinking alkaline coffee

Reasons Why You Should Replace Regular Coffee for Alkaline Coffee

  • Alkaline coffee has immune-boosting properties which help to fight viruses, diseases, and infections.
  • Alkaline coffee has low caffeine content than regular coffee which means a lower risk of experiencing the side effects associated with taking caffeinated coffee.
  • It is highly effective in boosting your energy levels for a longer period compared to regular coffee, due to its high concentration of phytonutrients and low caffeine content. It gives a feel of gradual and prolonged energy which lasts throughout the day.
  • Due to its useful energy boost, it slightly elevates your heart rate allowing your body to burn more calories while working out for a long period without getting tired.
  • It contains a wide variety of plant nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins which the neurological activity of your brain keeping you focused and improving your memory.


How To Make Alkaline Coffee

To make this coffee, you need to make use of 100% Arabica coffee beans. Grind and blend the coffee beans with Phyto-alkaline powder and Complete Phyto-Energizer and make it the same way you make any other coffee. You can increase the alkalinity of coffee by brewing it with mineral-rich alkaline water.


Side Effects of Alkaline Coffee

There aren’t exactly any side effects of taking alkaline coffee as opposed to taking non-alkaline coffee due to its low level of caffeine. Irrespective of that, its base is still regular coffee grown and made in the same way. People with coffee intolerance are likely to experience adverse reactions to alkaline coffee despite it having low caffeine.


Should Alkaline Coffee Be Added to Your Diet?

I know, for coffee lovers, it is very difficult for you to give up coffee even while following an alkaline diet and you want to keep your body in a good condition, well you can still incorporate coffee into your diet by changing up the game a little bit to suit your needs. Enjoy your delicious cup of coffee while keeping your body protected and nourished at the same time.


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