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Quaker City Coffee

Quaker City Coffee was a coffee company based in Philadelphia that had been founded by Bob Logue and Christian Dennis. The company focused on providing employment opportunities for returning citizens, individuals who had been formerly incarcerated. Their approach sought to address the challenges of reentry and prevent recidivism by offering solid job opportunities in the specialty coffee sector.

Bob Logue, one of the co-founders, had prior experience in the food and beverage industry through his partnerships in Federal Donuts and Bodhi Coffee. Christian Dennis, the other co-founder, was a returned citizen himself, having served five years of a five to 10 year prison sentence for drug-related charges. After being released from prison and enrolling in the Community College of Philadelphia, Dennis met Logue, and the two of them founded Quaker City Coffee​.

The company hired returned citizens as baristas and offered them an initial starting wage of $12.50 per hour, which increased to $15 per hour after a year. The goal was for these individuals to transition from barista roles into positions on the corporate team as the business grew. Quaker City Coffee also donated $1 for every bag of coffee sold to Redemption Housing, a faith-based organization that provided support to returned citizens​.

Christian Dennis emphasized the value of hiring former drug dealers and other individuals with records, stating that these individuals had pre-existing skills that could be valuable in the business context. For example, they already knew how to distribute a product. The company worked in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Reintegration Services and Penn’s Center for Carceral Communities​.


Acquisition of by, the premier online resource for coffee industry news and market data, has announced the acquisition of, the Philadelphia-based coffee company known for its commitment to supporting returning citizens. Quaker City Coffee, co-founded by Bob Logue and Christian Dennis, has made a significant impact in the specialty coffee sector, not only by offering quality products, but also by implementing a unique business model that focuses on providing employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals. This approach has been instrumental in addressing the challenges of reentry and preventing recidivism.

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