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Coffee Prices, an industry-leading blog focused on all things coffee, has acquired Honest Coffees. The move marks a major milestone for both companies and will help revolutionize the coffee industry with honest information on pricing and quality beans.

For more than 10 years, Coffee Prices has been offering consumers up-to-date news about everything from the latest coffee trends to tips for brewing the perfect cup of joe. By acquiring Honest Coffees, Coffee Prices plans to provide readers insights into where their favorite beans come from, while ensuring they get the best prices available.

“We are excited to have Honest Coffees join us in our mission to make sure coffee drinkers everywhere can enjoy great tasting coffee at fair prices,” said Coffee Prices editor James Black. “Our customers have always been our top priority, and this acquisition is a testament to that commitment.”

Honest Coffees has been providing sustainable, ethically sourced coffee beans for over five years. Its mission of sustainability and promoting the fair treatment of farmers makes it an ideal fit for Coffee Prices’ portfolio of companies.

“With our shared values and expertise in delivering high-quality products, we’re confident that together we can revolutionize the industry and benefit both companies as well as coffee drinkers around the world.”, says James.

By acquiring Honest Coffees, Coffee Prices plans to deliver consumers unparalleled access to fresh, ethically sourced coffees from a variety of regions. With this acquisition, the future of the coffee industry is bright—and so are its prices.


About Honest Coffees

Honest Coffees had a mission to source the best Fairtrade coffee in the world and deliver it in a way that was smooth, seamless, and delightful. All their coffee was ethically sourced, roasted locally, and fairly priced so that both suppliers and clients got a good deal.

The coffee was also top-quality, with Honest Coffees typically charging 40% less than other brands for equivalent beans because they did not spend money on marketing or other overheads. They did not have any shareholders or investors to report to either. Honest Coffees believed that people should not have to compromise on taste or quality when buying Fairtrade coffee. It could be done, although it is difficult.

Therefore they spent their days doing just this. All their Fairtrade coffees were rated “specialty” or higher by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Furthermore, Honest Coffees wanted to know where their products came from and that the folks behind them got a fair deal.

With Fairtrade coffee, growers got a set minimum price on top of a Fairtrade premium which enabled them to invest in their future and farms’ futures. Knowing this made the things they bought taste even better. In addition to providing coffees, Honest Coffees also leased and sold bean-to-cup commercial coffee machines at prices lower than other brands.


The Honest Coffees Team

honest coffees teamAbout Wyatt

Originally from Nevada, US, Wyatt came to the UK in 2009 to work in a boring bank. Luckily, he was saved from eternal damnation (and really awful ties) when he managed to pull Grace in a dodgy club in Dalston in 2011. Learning of Grace’s frustration at not being able to buy posh Fairtrade coffee, he came up with the idea for Empty Pocket Traders (now Honest Coffees). Wyatt’s the numbers guy, the ideas guy and the “crack the whip” guy. When he’s not doing long division in his head, he might be watching Liverpool lose (again), teaching himself sailing, or plotting a move to the country.


About Grace

Grace hails from Devon, and regularly asks herself why she ever left. In 2004 she moved to London and promised to leave after 6 months. That was ten years ago; today, she finds herself married to an American living in King’s Cross. Grace’s background is in marketing, having started out at (RIP) and ending up at TripAdvisor, which makes her the words and pictures girl. Aside from coffee, Wyatt and Digby, Grace loves travelling, cooking and Coffee Mate, probably in that order.


Visit the about page to learn more about our brand Coffee-Prices.

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