Welcome to Elephant Coffee Importers!

Elephant Coffee Importers was an importing, exporting, trading, and distributing company of Raw Green Bean Coffees worldwide, with a special focus on Kenya and other East African producing countries.

They were a family owned business based in Denver, Colorado with roots from Kenya. They sourced coffees directly from the farms, and ship to delegated ports of destination.

They had the expertise with well over 30+ years of experience in the coffee industry, and their focus was on developing and maintaining strong relationships with customers and producers alike to foster and support long-term sustainability.


"We are not in the business of coffee, rather coffee is our passion"


About Elephant Coffee Importers

Strive For Zero Defect Beans

High Quality | Consistency | Sustainability | Transparency

These are the fundamental core values that the company held when they were active. Their approach is to provide high-quality coffees, proved through Consistent Cup, maintained through Sustainable practices, and marketed Transparently, in a manner that promotes better quality, for all those looking to enjoy some of the finest coffee worldwide.

Their goal, was to make good-quality coffee from whichever region, or country of origin, available to the world market, and maintain high standards all throughout.

Kenyan coffee has always been known for its quality, and it's standards are renowned. The grading and classification is well-known worldwide; as such, the cup presents a sweet-savory enjoyable brew, that should be available for all to enjoy.

Their team of dedicated Coffee professionals were on the mission to source and provide High Quality Green Coffee Beans by utilizing their rare, and unique expertise of coffee, built over 30+ years in the Coffee Industry.